When I first started this blog, my sweet little Kinley was, well, just that. LITTLE. A couple of years have passed since those first posts and I've definitely done a lot more "raising" since I waved the white flag! Things have sure changed a lot around here since then--we've traded trikes for bikes, training crayons for scented markers, and her crib and squishy blocks for a big girl bed and Magnatiles. 

So let's start fresh, shall we? :)

Hi, I'm Cara. I'm 33 years old (how did that happen?!) and I am one super lucky lady!

My amazing husband is a football-addict, handyman, tough guy/teddy bear sort of a guy and I love him with every single inch of my heart. We got married in Vegas 5 years ago, after about 100 million years of dating and we're still going strong. We love to do stuff together--watch movies, play games, try new foods-- but sporting events of any kind are our favorites (especially NHL games--LET'S GO JACKETS!!) He works really hard, and because of that I get to stay home with our little ladybug and take care of business around here.

And, speaking of that sweet little ladybug, Kinley is the best kid to ever walk the planet Earth, and no, I am not even a tiny bit biased ;) She is 4 years old and, besides being a bundle of energy, she is incredibly patient, compassionate, super smart, and just about as  friendly as they come. We spend our days doing preschool activities, practicing teeball skills, and laughing, a lot. Kiki gives the best hugs ever, can shake her little booty with the best of them and she's got one of the world's biggest hearts, and just in case you couldn't tell from this gushfest, I am so, so proud of her!

Like I said, I am a seriously lucky lady!

So, I already mentioned that I'm a stay home momma but, like all of my fellow SAHMs, mom-ing is just one part of my job. I am also a chef (love this part of my job, other than the dishes), maid (do not love this part), interior decorator (good ol' Pinterest), Netflix junkie/mombie (hey, I need alone time and if I have to stay up til 3 am to get it, that works for me!) and I just began another career: teacher. Homeschool, that is! :)

There's just not enough time in the day to get everything done...so, what better time than the present to start my old blog back up, right? ha :)

I am mostly back to share our preschool at home fun, but if I have something else cool to tell you about (recipe, app, funny adventure) I'll probably share that, too.

I hope our adventures and craziness will inspire you or, at the very least, make you smile!

Happy mom-ing, y'all! XOXO

P.S. You may see an affiliate link from time to time on here. I make a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase. I only ever link products we actually use and know to be of really good quality. Okay, that's all! Just wanted to be sure you knew :)


  1. Just found your blog via IG and am excited. I, too, have a preschooler among my three kiddos and always fun to see what another momma blogger is doing. Love the art ideas!

    1. Hi Randi! I'm glad you found me, too :) I just followed you on Instagram and can't wait to follow along with your adventures. Thanks, girl, we'll keep them coming!