The birdies are chirping, the windows are open and the magnolias are blooming...spring is officially here, y'all! You know what that means, right? Yep, time to switch the sensory bin filler, and great news: Kinley and I have dreamed up not one, not two, but THREE super fun bunny themed ones for you.

One might even say they were unBUNNYlievably fun...if one were a giant nerd...like me. 邏


Kinley is such a sucker for all things bird. She's got a purse shaped like a cardinal and a whole nest of stuffed birdies sitting on her dresser that get hugs and smooches every single day. You can find her at least once a day staring dreamily out the window at the little birdies in our backyard or hollering excitedly when she recognizes one of her fave species on the bird feeder she built and decorated with her daddy, so this project was born out of that intense feathered friend love...and also the impending artvalanche that threatens to fall on our heads every time we open a closet or cabinet around here.

Do you suffer from being too sentimental to throw kiddo art away, too? It's just all so sweet and teeny-tiny and amazingly creative chubby hands made it. I've tried the take-a-picture-and-toss-the-art method but I end up with a picture AND an art project cause I just cannnn't 😢😜 So, in order to get a handle on all things art chaos, we sometimes try to repurpose those masterpieces into new masterpieces.


** This post is sponsored by the folks behind the new TV show, Gigantosaurus.

Good news, my fellow dinosaur-loving friends: Gigantosaurus, that hilarious/super cute must-read-aloud picture book we all know by heart and adore, is coming to the Disney Channel in the form of a brand-new must-watch preschool kiddo TV show! Kinley and I had the privilege of a sneak peek at the first episode and we both loved it. The dino buddies are charming, the colors are super bright and happy, the story lines are smart and engaging, Gigantosaurus is just the right mix of goofball and ferocious, and the theme song is so dang catchy you will probably find yourself humming it even after the kiddos are in bed (not speaking from personal experience or anything 😉).

Because I am both amped about the premiere and in full on egg-carton-critter-making mode, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate that big fierce wild bookish dinosaur getting his own show than to make a cute little slightly-less-fierce egg carton version of him. Wanna make one (or 12) too? 😁


I don't know which I love more about that project: the rainbow doily remnants or the finished art itself! Doesn't it all just make your eyeballs so happy?! I've got some good news for ya, too -- if you've got a teeny tiny person at your house, you might just be able to make this one happen! I used to do it every year with my daycare babies -- if you can sit up, you can make a pretty heart doily painting.


Have you ever tried scrape art? Well don't. I mean you can, but if you do you better have plenty of paper and paint on hand because you are never gonna wanna stop. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Kinley and I had a whole stockpile of scrape art goodness from one of our extreme can't-stop-won't stop scrape art sessions, but we never got around to doing anything with the infinite rainbow-y scraped papers we made until this week when they all became turkey tail feathers, and aren't they the most flutterly glorious turkey tail feathers ever?!


Don't you just love felt? We've got gobs of that stuff in the trusty old fabric bin! The other day, I grabbed all of the colors I could find and piled it on the table hoping the perfect felt art idea would just come to Kinley and I if we just stared at those rainbow scraps long enough. At one point, Kinley grabbed her scissors and started chopping a pink piece into tiny squares and it hit me -- string those babies together and make a wreath! Even better, a wreath ornament!! (Christmas mania is in full swing over here. The halls are decked, the trees are up and decorated and Christmas movies are on a loop every second of everyday 😍)


When Maggy from Red Ted Art asked me to dream up a cute little Thanksgiving craft to share with her followers, I thought our fave collage turkeys from last year would be the perfect project, but instead of tiny cork collage turkeys (sooo 2017 😉) we supersized them and made big ol cardboard ones.