It's finally looking like fall around here. And now that it looks like fall, it's 80 degrees outside. Bah. Where is my hoodie weather?! 

ANYWAY, on the way out of the library today, Kin and I noticed a tree that was so radiant and gorgeous it really looked like it was glowing. I am a sucker for a hot-orange sugar maple! We dropped our books off in the trunk and took a little leaf-collecting walk (and a couple thousand pictures ;) ) before heading home. 

We were going to do a crushed-leaf name activity today from Pocket of Preschool and I already had her name printed on cardstock (check out the link, Jackie's got a great tool for making adorable printable name cards for crafts, and bonus, it's free!) but we just couldn't bring ourselves to tear up our beautiful leaf treasure, and that's when I remembered!