When I first started this blog, my sweet little Kinley was, well, just that. LITTLE. Things sure have changed since then. We've traded trikes for bikes, triangle training crayons for Sharpies in every color of the rainbow, and the crib and squishy blocks for a big girl bed and Magnatiles.

So, let's start fresh, shall we?

I am Cara. A gal who never seems to have enough hours in the day to get all of the things checked off of her list. A wife and momma, sometimes blogger and obsessive Instagrammer and emoji user, eclectic homeschooler, wannabe chef, and one creative lady (if I do say so myself 😉)

I grew up in the mid-western United States, the daughter of a super-creative stay-at-home-momma and an entrepreneur dad with a million different big dreams. I guess I'm kind of a perfect mix of both of them. Some of my happiest childhood memories are of getting creative side-by-side with my mom, which totally fuels my desire to spend creative time with my own daughter as often as possible.

I spent most of my preteen through high school years babysitting and taking care of my cute little cousins at least weekly and always knew I wanted to do something that involved kiddos when I grew up. It is impossible not to snort laugh at least thrice while hanging out with a three year old for an hour, right? Kids (and snort laughs) are the best!

When I graduated from high school, I only applied to one college. I didn't even visit it first, I just liked the sound of its name. I told my parents that if I didn't get in, I was moving to California with two of my guy friends to see where life would take me on the west coast. I did get in and headed up to school to study Early Childhood Education, but I often wonder where I'd be now if I hadn't. I could've been Mrs. Luke Perry writing blog posts in between lunch and crafting with T. Swift straight out of the 90210, dudes.

I met my actual not-as-famous but twice as awesome husband at a house party. We were partners for a card game that I had no idea how to play and he was instantly hooked even though I made him lose. We dated for seven years before running off to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada to get hitched.

Two years later, sweet baby Kinley arrived and turned our wild and crazy life right on its head. From boozy weekends and lazy Saturdays to nursing bras and early bedtimes, and neither one of us would change a single thing. She is our everything!

Before Kinley came along, I worked at a couple of daycares with the three year olds for awhile and then with the infants. I loved it (at least most days. The days when twelve infants were screaming at once, not so much 😜), but when we found out Kinley was on her way, we decided staying home with her would be the best option for me.

We are homeschooling for lots of reasons. We live in a terrible school district. I believe in the importance of play. I love the opportunities it affords us to go on field trips or take days off or change pace whenever we need to. I'm not sure how long we will continue, but the goal as of now is all the way through.

And just in case that ginormous essay wasn't quite enough talk about me 😜, here are 10 more super random facts for ya:
  1. I cry when Santa appears in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade every. single. year.
  2. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but I could not live without Diet Coke.
  3. I've been planning my Miami retirement with my best friend since we were teenagers. We are still looking for a Dorothy and Sophia to my Blanche and her Rose, so if you are interested in playing gin on the linnai and eating cheesecake for the rest of your days, holler!
  4. I spent all of my childhood free time at the library and was always the first to finish the summer reading program in my town.
  5. The first movie I ever bought with my own money was Singing in the Rain when I was eight. I still love musicals (The Greatest Showman 😍).
  6. I am obsessed with candy cane Chapstick. I buy a years supply every Christmas and panic every November if I haven't seen it in a store yet.
  7. I can remember the lyrics to a song after hearing it once, but forget people's names even after they tell me three times.
  8. I took a cross-stitch class in 3rd grade and it's still one of my favorite ways to relax. That and coloring.
  9. love sports. Baseball, football, HOCKEY (Let's go, Jackets!!) When the Olympics are on, I have to clear my schedule.
  10. Someday I wanna have my own kiddo art studio with exposed brick and white wall and rainbowy kiddo art drying on lines EVERYWHERE!
I hope after alllllllll of that you feel like you know me a little better! I'm so happy you are here and hope you'll stick around to get inspired, follow along on all of our adventures or even snort laugh with us/at us a time or two 😉 If you ever have any questions or wanna know more about anything you see around here, just holler. I'm more than happy to help (plus it's always fun to know that someone is actually out there reading all of this 😀).

Happy Mom-ing!
xo Cara

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