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If you and I are instabuddies, you already know about my crazy obsession with photo paper art. It's so vibrant and rainbow-y...the word "ethereal" always pops into my brain when we are making it. Too Scrabble-y? 😜

My soul sister, Shannon from Oh Creative Day, has been encouraging me for months to get all of the different photo paper art methods we've tried rounded up into one blog post to share and after getting so many questions in my DMs about it every week, I decided it really was time to make this photo paper post happen, so here goes!


That tissue paper dough is straight gorgeous, right?! Are you trying right this second to reach your hand through your screen and give it a squish? I don't blame you, but it might be easier to just quick whip up a batch of your own 😉

My instabuddy shared this dough-mazing recipe over on her Instagram stories awhile back and since she's not a blogger I asked if I could share it with you guys for her. Everyone needs to know about this one and everyone also needs to know about it's inventor, Katy from @prekwolfpack


Awhile ago, some of my favorite bloggers (@artcampla@barleyandbirch@ohcreativeday and @momcollaborativeand I teamed up to bring back the 80's for one week only...I'm pretty sure we could have easily made it a month-long thang because there is seriously just too much gnarly to squeeze into five days!

The music, the clothes, the colors, the books, the shows, the movies...EVERYTHING IS RADICAL!!

Kinley was pretty stoked when I told her we were doing Troll art...and then I showed her the eighties Troll printable I made for the project and she was all "Ugh! GRODY Momma! What is that thing? Gag me with a spoon!" (Well, okay she didn't use those EXACT words, I took the liberty of translating them for my fellow 80's kids. You're welcome. 😉)


One of my buddies sent me a Facebook post a few weeks ago that blew my mind! It was all about the magic of string pulling art and Kinley and I couldn't wait to give it a try ourselves...and then we couldn't stop.


We are crazy for anything resembling art or science that involves baking soda/vinegar around here. So much actually that we broke down and bought the ginormous sack of baking soda and twin pack of huge jugs of vinegar at Sam's Club a couple of months ago and we are already getting down to the last couple of crumbs and drops 😜 We've tried so many variations of this classic science experiment from apple volcanoes to Babble Dabble Do's Wizard's Brew (if you haven't tried that one, you need to!!), but this one knocked our smocks off -- so, sooo good!!

My good instabuddy and total momma rock star, Nicole @ThePaintedToddler, inspired some seriously spooktacular backyard fun at our house with her Witches Brew rainbow fizzy STEAM idea and I couldn't wait to share it with you!


I don't think Kinley or I will ever forget this day spent gooping around in rainbow paint in the backyard. She could've smushed that homemade gel paint between her digits for hours!


Do you know a small human that is crazy for unicorns?
Maybe a better question would be, "Do you know a small human that isn't crazy for unicorns?!"

Yeah, me neither. Unicorns are pretty much everything. 😀


We used to run an art challenge on Instagram called @smocks.on with a couple of my instabuddies and we had hosts every week who got to pick a theme and challenge all of our little art community to incorporate their theme into an art project. When my crazy hilarious, super rad, oh-so-creative blog buddy, Shannon from OhCreativeDay, had her chance to host she chose action art.

I instantly thought big and crazy messy when I read her theme choice, but it was cold, rainy and incredibly dreary outside in our neck of the woods. Big and messy are not good indoor art words, right? Luckily, action art doesn't have to be crazy. Small and semi-neat can work too!


On one of my recent trips to the basement, I noticed that my recyclables-with-art-potential bin was overflowing thanks in large part to my ridiculous hoard of egg cartons and it reminded me that I never shared this adorable and super fun project with you! You only need a few things to make a pretty bouquet of your own and you've probably got all of them on hand, even if you are not a fellow garbage collector 😉


Have you ever seen a more beautiful batch of oatmeal?!

I have been seeing dyed oats popping up on Instagram and Pinterest for months but I never even gave making them a second thought. I mean how can you add liquid to dry oats and get anything other than a mushy disaster of a Pinterest fail, right? Well, I'm here to tell ya, I tried it and it's not another picture lie, folks. Rainbow oats are a real thing and they are even cooler than they look.

The texture is amazing, like some sort of rainbow sensory dream. Kinley and I can't keep our hands out of them. As a matter of fact, the first day they were introduced to her little sensory bin, she carried that thing room-to-room with her for hours! SO GOOD.


Not a day goes by at our house without at least one spontaneous dance party and at least one super messy art project, so why it never occurred to me to combine the two before the day we gave our musical canvas experiment a try is beyond me!

I bought a couple of ginormous canvases at Michael's a couple of weeks ago for 70% off just because they were a great deal and when Kinley was bored last weekend, I decided it was the perfect time to bust one out and get that gal occupied. I grabbed some paint, my iPad and the trusty paint-splattered Bluetooth speaker for our usual art-making background noise and we headed out to our favorite creating spot in the backyard.

While Kinley squirted the red paint in her jar, I turned on some 80s jams and she just got right down to it, singing and flinging paint to the beat...and then it hit me. Wouldn't it be cool to change up the music style with each color of paint and see if her painting style changed to match?!


Sometimes I go to sleep thinking creative thoughts and wake up with a brilliant art idea or twenty that I can't wait to try with Kinley, and then sometimes I go to bed exhausted and wake up with not a single solitary teeny tiny inkling of an idea what we should eat for lunch let alone a creative thought in my brain and on those days I hit Pinterest. 😉😜

This rubber cement art idea is one that I've seen on several of my trips to that enchanted place where the amazing ideas are abundant (almost too abundant sometimes, right?) and it actually turned out just as pretty as they promised -- one of those Pinterest unicorns, ya know? 😂


If you've ever played with oobleck, you know the texture is strangely irresistible but you haven't lived until you've slopped around in a giant tray of frozen rainbowy kind! When I spotted this amazing idea from the fabulous brain of's Ana, I knew we absolutely had to give it a try.


Summer is here and that means it's time for Kinley's favorite ice cream dough! This stuff's got it all -- smooth as velvet texture, legit ice creaminess, pretty colors and it tastes DEEEEEvine. Yep, you read that's yummy!


Three years ago, Kinley requested a space unit so I ran out and bought the Safari, Ltd. astronaut Toob and made her a ginormous batch of moon sand (aka cloud dough) to dig around in. From the very first squish, she was hooked! No matter how many rainbow-y, squishy, pretty, dazzling options I give her for sensory play, this is the stuff she always requests.


We've tried lots of fun sensory bin fillers, but there is one that is far and away our ultimate favorite: RAINBOW BEANS!

We made one ginormous batch almost a year ago, they've been played with monthly since and they are still in perfect shape so I can officially give my tried-and-true stamp of approval. No loose skins, no moldy beans. They're just plain perfect and totally addictive!

Ready for that recipe?


Welcome to beautiful Crystal Rainbow Beach at the edge of the stunning Sky Sea -- PONY PARADISE!!

When I asked Kinley yesterday what kind of small world she would like next, she said something with her beloved My Little Pony buddy collection...and then THIS happened. We team-dreamed this bin full of beachy fabulousness up and she legit hasn't stopped digging in it and pretending with it and cooking up imaginary pony drama since the last bean was dumped in.


If you aren't already following my instabuddy, Kristian @friendsartlab, stop reading this and run over to hit that follow button! You will absolutely love her, guaranteed! She's like the world's most amazing preschool teacher/art teacher/college professor/human being on the planet and she's never shared an idea we didn't love, including this one: BATIK!