Three years ago, Kinley requested a space unit so I ran out and bought the Safari, Ltd. astronaut Toob and made her a ginormous batch of moon sand (aka cloud dough) to dig around in. From the very first squish, she was hooked! No matter how many rainbow-y, squishy, pretty, dazzling options I give her for sensory play, this is the stuff she always requests.


We've tried lots of fun sensory bin fillers, but there is one that is far and away our ultimate favorite: RAINBOW BEANS!

We made one ginormous batch almost a year ago, they've been played with monthly since and they are still in perfect shape so I can officially give my tried-and-true stamp of approval. No loose skins, no moldy beans. They're just plain perfect and totally addictive!

Ready for that recipe?


Welcome to beautiful Crystal Rainbow Beach at the edge of the stunning Sky Sea -- PONY PARADISE!!

When I asked Kinley yesterday what kind of small world she would like next, she said something with her beloved My Little Pony buddy collection...and then THIS happened. We team-dreamed this bin full of beachy fabulousness up and she legit hasn't stopped digging in it and pretending with it and cooking up imaginary pony drama since the last bean was dumped in.


If you aren't already following my instabuddy, Kristian @friendsartlab, stop reading this and run over to hit that follow button! You will absolutely love her, guaranteed! She's like the world's most amazing preschool teacher/art teacher/college professor/human being on the planet and she's never shared an idea we didn't love, including this one: BATIK!


Dave made a fire in the backyard the other night and Kinley was thrilled. She came screaming in the house hollering about marshmallows and going through every single cabinet that she could reach trying to wish some of those fluffy treats into existence. But, alas, no marshmallows appeared and she had to go to without her "smows".

When I was tucking her into bed that night she asked if we could buy some marshmallows at the store for eating and for painting with. I never, ever say no to a craft request (unless it involves glitter. I reserve the right to veto glitter crafts at my discretion 😉) but I wasn't quite sure what kind of painting she meant. I had just seen a really cool marshmallow painting idea from Bar Rucci on Instagram and thought maybe she had seen it over my shoulder, but no, she didn't want to paint on marshmallows, she said she wanted to paint with marshmallows. Genius, right?

I should mention that Kinley is a complete and total polka dot addict, so the fact that her sweet little dot-loving mind came up with a dot-making process all on her own is extra cool. I love that she is getting old enough to come up with her own ideas for getting creative.

We headed to the grocery store the very next afternoon and as soon as we got back home and walked through the door with our fresh bag of jumbo fluffy white sugary stampers, we squirted Kinley's choice of paint colors on a plate and got down to it.


We are a family of unabashed fish lovers. They have literally had to kick us out of the zoo aquarium twice because they were closing and we had lost track of time watching those sharks and gorgeous finned-friends swim back and forth over and over again. This fishy fascination has led to many a sea creature craft over the past three years, but this new one was different and extra cool so I popped on over here to share it with you. Even if you aren't a serious fish lover, you can probably get down with bubble-wrap stamp fish, right?!


I made a sensory/fine motor/fun bin for Kinley about six months ago that was just basically one giant generic bag of fruit ring cereal, some plastic lanyard string for making necklaces and colored bowls for sorting and scooping. Ever since I cleaned that bin up and put the cereal back in the giant bag it came in, it's been staring at me and taking up some serious sensory shelf real estate. Time to figure out another use for that stale, rainbow-colored stuff!