Break out the crimper and pop a back-when-she-was-fun Madonna tape in your Walkman, baby, cause bright and crazy bangles are BACK!

Kinley and I have been on a recycled craft craze lately. It started with Earth Day and it's only gotten better (or worse?) since we've been participating in @get.creative.with's recycled container Insta-challenge this week. We recycled some of our own art into other kinds of art, turned a garbage box into a little tiny buddy sight-seeing cable car, and made a family of bees out of an old egg carton, but I think these bracelets are our best trash art yet!

So terrible mom confession time. I let K watch YouTube Kids. Don't hate on me. Everyone needs a little peace and quiet sometimes, right? She has a few favorite vloggers that she keeps up with and my favorites, of course, are the crafty ones. I glanced over her shoulder a few months ago and saw something incredibly cool -- someone in the vlog-o-sphere was making a bracelet out of trash and an iron! I've been wanting to try it ever since 💜


Disclaimer: This post was written by a person who unabashedly loves both snails and all things French-y, so she may be a tad bit biased towards books with adorable French snails for main characters. Continue reading the following gushfest at your own risk. You have been warned.

Escargot: the tale of a little French beret-rocking snail in search of the perfect salad.

I mean, you guys, I just can't. This book was made for us.

Sweet little manipulative Escargot is on a mission to both make you love him and to get to the other side of the table where the salad of his dreams is waiting. He tries every method imaginable from showing off to telling sob stories to convince you that he is indeed the best kind of creature on the planet. Let me tell you, his tactics worked on me.

You win, you cute little guy! You're the best! Je t'aime Escargot. Now come here and let me huggle you. (Not a typo--that's just our special word for a snuggle with extra hugs 💗)

I really love snails. I had a pet snail my senior year of high school. One of my friends worked in a plant nursery and she saved him from impending doom (snails are not welcome where there are plants for sale apparently, who knew? 😉) and gave him to me in a little hermit crab house with a purple lid. I named him Mikey Chaos, and while I refused to touch him, I loved him. Those little tentacles, man! They're just SO cute.


Hey there! How are you livin'? Does it feel like summer in your neck of the woods already, too? Here in good old OH-IO we get a full two weeks of spring if we are lucky before the tornadoes and summer heat start rolling in. I've been trying to suppress my urge to whine and beg Dave to turn on the air already man, for the love of sweaty leg pits and in order to do that, I've had to get creative with my stay cool methods. I mean, twelve fans on high can only help so much, you know? ;)

My mom works in the office of a factory and in the summer, the factory part of the building is not air conditioned. In an effort to keep all those hardworking factory men happy, she goes in one night a month and churns out snow cones for those guys at top speed to help them cool down. But, obviously, snow cones require syrup and she was flying through the store-bought kind, so she came up with this recipe and, take it from me, it's a thousand times better than any of the kinds they carry at Wally World, plus the flavor options are pretty vast.

Now here's where I need you to swear on your favorite pair of flip-flops that you won't tell anyone the top secret recipe I'm about to fork over.

Just kidding,

Tell anybody you want, friend! And you're welcome in advance for your extra month of lower energy costs ;)


Get a load of those gorgeous flowers, would ya?! It's spring y'all, and more importantly, it finally feels like spring. When I was brushing Kinley's hair this morning she hollered LOOK MOMMA!! There are little tiny baby leaves on our big tree!! and what do you know, she was right! I have been missing those little tiny baby leaves and their fresh tiny baby leaf green -- my favorite shade.

Don't you just love spring colors? Bright and happy and perfect for getting creative with.

We are participating in another Instagram challenge this week. This one is from Tinkerlab and just happens to be another round of the challenge that initially got Kinley and I hooked on all things process art. If you are still unclear about what process art is, or are feeling intimidated about getting started, this is the perfect introduction. Rachelle explains everything in a super clear and concise manner and has everything, including supply lists, all planned out for you. All you have to do is read the emails she sends and get out the supplies. Easy peasy.

Yesterday's Tinkerlab project was absorbent art. K and I had just made some coffee filter and liquid watercolor Easter eggs a couple of days ago, so we switched it up today and decided to try making coffee filter flowers with our challenge art.


Have you been as naughty as we have with the Easter candy this year? Kinley and I have polished off a giant bag of Starburst jellybeans, two bags of those crunchy shell Cadbury eggs and wayyyy too many purple bunny Peeps already this year, and we are still a week away from the actual ginormous candy-explosion of a holiday.

Our never-ending supply of yummy purple bunnies totally inspired this project.  I know lots of people don't love the taste of them as much as we do, but I think we can all agree they are pretty much the cutest candy ever created! Kinley always apologizes before biting their cute little ears off :)

I've been dreaming up a Peep project for her for a couple of weeks, and the paint and "sugar" combo I finally came up with was such a hit I knew I had to share it with you! I think any kiddo, big or teeny, would have fun with this one. The textures are just so much fun and the final product looks good enough to eat!

I used to make little yellow chick Peeps with the babies at daycare which were adorable, but I sprinkled real sugar on them and they always ended up a giant sticky mess. For our at home bunny version, I decided to try tinting Epsom salt. I was hoping it would give a sugary-crystal texture, and it totally worked!


Can you guess what Kinley and I were learning about this week? Nope, not inkblot personality tests. Good guess though. RAIN! We were talking about all things rain--puddles, clouds, raindrops, thunderstorms. The whole cumulonimbus ;)

Obviously, being that we are crazy book-loving library addicts, we have been eating up rain books like it's our job and we found one of the dozens particularly inspiring -- Puddle by Hyewon Yum. It's all about a little boy who spends a grouchy rainy day writing a splashy puddle story with his momma. They are so inspired by their happy puddle drawings, that they head outside for a fun rainy stroll and some real puddle jumping.

We didnt have any rain or puddles to splash in the day we read this adorable book, so we had to improvise. We had to make our own puddles, but how?

Process art, of course! I bet you knew I was gonna say that, didn't you?


We go through bubbles at our house like water when it's warm outside. Whether she is in charge of blowing or chasing, Kinley is always down for some good old-fashioned bubbletime! But, what happens when we run out of solution, or worse, it gets knocked over on the sidewalk and K is nearing meltdown phase?

That means it's SUPER AWESOME HOMEMADE BUBBLE SOLUTION TIME! And when we make super awesome homemade bubble solution, it's bubble snake maker time, too.

We tried this combo a couple of summers ago, and it was such a huge hit that it has become one of our warm weather staples. The bubble snake maker is super simple and fun to make and the solution doesn't involve anything weird like glycerin--all just regular household ingredients.