CUTIEPANTS VALENTINE'S DAY BOOK ALERT!! Click, Clack, Moo I Love You! is pretty much everything you ever wanted in a Heart Day picture book: hearts, lots of giggles, sparkle and sweetness galore PLUS dancing mice and casserole! 🤓

Kinley and I both love every book in the Click, Clack, Moo series and we were so excited when this one showed up on our doorstep (Thanks, Simon Kids!!) Do you know these crazy farm animals? The premise of them all is a little like Toy Story on a farm -- what the animals do when the humans aren't paying attention, ya know?

In this one, a cute little yellow duck is rushing around getting everything decorated and ready for a big Valentine's Day dance for all of the animals. She makes everyone a sparkly valentine and a necklace with hearts made of everything she can find. We saw a crafty opportunity the minute we saw those sweet little accessories! Sparkly heart necklaces?! SIGN US UP!

Wanna do a little Valentine's Day bookish play, too? This is the perfect super easy classroom party activity -- super low-mess, quick and easy, and they can wear the finished products for the cookie and candy eating!


Kinley woke me up one morning with a little doodle on a purple scrap of construction paper and a big crafty idea from her dreams the night before -- VALENTINE RAINBOWS! Why the heck not, right?! She had me at rainbows. And valentines. And crafty dreams! 😍😊

We worked together to come up with this super simple and crazy sweet little project and I think you and your little artist buddies are gonna love it! Valentine rainbows are totally perfect for a preschool or kindergarten Valentine's Day party because you've probably already got everything you need on hand, no one will need help with any of the easy steps*, it's quick and you're looking at a Level 1 Clean-up (wet paper towel only! 🤓), baby!


If you are looking for the instructions for these beauties, don't worry! They just moved to our brand-new and even rainbowier website,

Just click right here to head straight over to them!

Happy heart arting!
xo Cara


We've made egg carton flowers and egg carton dinosaurs and egg carton snowmen, but we didn't have an egg carton Valentine's Day creationin our collection...until now! Introducing our fancy little swarm of valentine LOVE BUGS! Wait, swarm doesn't sound all that lovely, does it? Team? Crew? Family? Eh...we'll come back to that 🤓

This is one of those magical unicorn kid art projects. No, not like actually making a magical unicorn. I mean it's one of those ultra rare ones where you get to do a little crafting and a little process art that never turns out brown and muckyish (thank you Valentine's Day color palette!) and then you put the two together and you get something flipping adorable every single time!


Friends, you know we love to craft and art and go nuts with the rainbows, but did you know we are absolutely cuckoo cuh-razy for HOLIDAY art? Christmas, Halloween, we even manage to go bananas for Turkey Day around here, but let's face it: there is one holiday that has a five star color palette AND packs a reason to bust out all the glitter and ribbon and stickers and washi tape and is, therefore, our ultimate fave. You guessed it! VALENTINE'S DAY!

My mom instilled in me a deep love of all things heart holiday from a very young age. That lady just loves love. She loves hearts and love notes and chocolate and flowers -- Valentine's Day was basically built for her! She throws a valentine party every year that every single member of our family looks forward to all year long. We play games and do crafts and exchange valentines and she decorates everything in her house floor to ceiling all red and pink and sparkly to the maxx 😍😍

So, anyway, I thought I'd throw together a quick list of our tried and true crafty fun favorites just in case you are looking to have one heck of a Heart Day, too! If you see something you like, just click the pic or the title and it will take you straight to the instructions. Some are from my brain and some are from the brains of my artsy + amazing buddies and hopefully they will ALL inspire you 😁 oh, and I included a party game that is always and forever THE BIGGEST HIT with the little humans at my mom's parties as a bonus at the very end of this post, so don't stop scrolling, homie!


I can't believe I haven't written a blog post since October! What the heck?! The holidays were nuts, man, and to tell you the truth I am having a heck of a time shaking the post holiday funk. Why can't adulting include one month a year (preferably January) to lay around bingeing Netflix and eating chocolate in sweatpants? Ah well...if anything will snap me out of it, it's a little famous artist fun!

Kinley and I have studied lots of different artists over the past couple of years, but we always seems to fall most deeply in love with the vibrant + graphic modern and pop art making ones and when I came across Jim Dine on a random Google the other day, I knew I had found our newest obsession! That guy just happens to be the perfect artist for a Valentine's Day art study, too 😍