I made a sensory/fine motor/fun bin for Kinley about six months ago that was just basically one giant generic bag of fruit ring cereal, some plastic lanyard string for making necklaces and colored bowls for sorting and scooping. Ever since I cleaned that bin up and put the cereal back in the giant bag it came in, it's been staring at me and taking up some serious sensory shelf real estate. Time to figure out another use for that stale, rainbow-colored stuff!

I saw and saved a super cool crushed fruit ring cereal art idea on Instagram from a few weeks ago and it seemed like the perfect simple and fun solution.

I gathered up our IKEA rainbow bowls and hollered for Kinley to help me sort those loops by color. That girl loves to sort, which is a very good thing because sorting half a giant bag of rainbow rings takes some serious dedication. 😉

After we got them all neatly sorted, I broke out the meat tenderizer and she got really interested. We just dumped each color into its own plastic sandwich bag and smashed those rings until there wasn't a single ounce of rage or frustration in our bodies! What is it about smashing stuff that makes ya feel so much better I wonder? (I wanted to use our mortar and pestle for this step, but I have no clue which basement box that thing found its way into.)

Anyway, after we had turned our rainbow cereal into rainbow dust, we dumped it all back into each pretty plastic bowl. Isn't it just gorgeous?! Who wouldn't wanna get creative with this stuff?!

At this point, we had Kinley's best neighbor buddy come over to art with us. This was the first time these two little ladies have done anything creative together and it was so fun to watch their different approaches.

The whole idea is to use school glue to squirt your design and then sprinkle the "food glitter" on top of the glue. Shake the excess cereal dust off, and voila! I got a bigger plastic bowl out for the excess cereal dumping, affectionately called The Crazy Rainbow Bucket :)

Kinley squirted and sprinkled very carefully. E squirted and sprinkled like a crazy woman.

K made two pictures. E made eight.

Then they both ate as much food glitter as their little tummies could hold :) (E mumbled halfway through bowl three that her mom never lets her have sugar cereal...oops! Bwahaha)

It was so messy and soooo FUN. Even I got in on the cereal art, and I'm glad I did because Kinley gave her pictures to E and I only had my art left to take pictures of for you!

After they finished creating, chowing down and wiping the sugar powder out of their eyebrows, the girls ran down to E's to jump on her trampoline and get some sugar-induced wiggles out. Thank heavens for awesome neighbors!

Kinley and E just started playing together this spring and they are just so cute. They get along really well and always find interesting things to do together like fishing junebugs out of E's pool and fossil hunting in the backyard. Plus it's just so fun to be able to walk down and say hi in real life like we did when we were little instead of having to always rely on scheduled playdates to hang out with friends.

It only took me twenty minutes to get the schoolroom crumb-free and back to normal after the cereal explosion. Totally worth it! And bonus, it smelled like artificial fruity yumminess for the rest of the day.

What do you think? Do you have some rage that you need to put to good use? Are you gonna give this messy blast of project a go?

Oh, three things really quick:

  1. If we ever do this again, I am taking it outside and you might want to, too.
  2. rec room creative just shared on Instagram a baby/taste-safe version of this activity that uses frosting for glue! Isn't that genius? If you've got a little, that would be a great option :)
  3. Use thick paper or cardstock for this one -- all that glue and cereal would probably turn printer paper to mush.

As usual, tag me (@raising.kinley) if you post your cereal creations on Instagram -- I love seeing other versions of the projects we had so much fun with ourselves 💙

Happy crunching! :)

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