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Got coffee filters and washable markers? Well, go pull them out, friend, because you've gotta try this process art pumpkin craft!

A couple of days ago, my buddy Diane from shared some cute little Frankensteins she'd made with our kiddo using our free Halloween paper doll printable and this technique and we couldn't resist giving it a try ourselves, but jack-o'-lantern style.

You'll need:

  1. Color a coffee filter with washable markers. The more coverage, the more vibrant the pumpkin.
  2. Drip water on top using pipette or eyedropper. You'll wanna put your colored coffee filter on a tray or newspaper or something before you start with the water or you could have a giant mess on your hands. Just start with a few drops because the more water you use the more washed out your colors become. 
  3. Let the coffee filter dry.
  4. Trim into a pumpkin shape.
  5. Cut faces and details out of black construction paper and glue them on.

One last tip: make sure you've got a ton of coffee filters on hand before you get started because this one is so much fun you aren't gonna wanna stop. I'm not sure if Kinley or I had more fun with these little cuties. The bleeding the markers part is fun, the dreaming up faces part is Pete the Cat says, it's ALL good!

If you give these little punkins a try and post them on social media, please tag us @raising.kinley because we would LOVE to see them 😍😀

Happy Halloween, sweet buddies!
xo Cara

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