Say hello to Carly, the rainbowiest (and most fun to make) crafty chameleon you ever did see!

Kinley and I were hosting a super fun art challenge called Craft The Zoo on Instagram last week, and our theme was reptiles. I don't know about you, but when I think of reptiles I think of brown and desert and lizard mouths , so I wanted to cook up some really fun vibrant inspiration to get everyone's creative juices flowing and these little clothespin clippy chameleons were definitely the biggest hit with our instahomies of all of the inspo we made.

They couldn't have been easier to make and since there are no limits with chameleons, Kinley and I had a total blast making them and used ALL the Chunkies paint sticks in our giant mega-pack. We are legit OBsessed with those things and other than my Amazon affiliate 3%, I am not being paid to say that! We use them for everything these days and since you don't need a paintbrush or water and they clean up with a wet paper towel off of every surface even fabric, my life has been a heck of a lot easier since they came into our lives. Get you some, you'll love them! They write like lipstick y'all and honestly, who hasn't had the urge to color with lipstick at some point in their lives?! 

All you need to make these bad boys is:

  • scrap cardboard
  • white cardstock or an index card
  • chameleon template (coming SOON!!)
  • scissors
  • hot glue + hot glue gun
  • clothespins, two per chameleon
  • pencil
  • permanent black marker
  • pretty art supplies of your choosing (We used Chunkies, ya know, but you could use oil pastels or crayons or markers or paint -- anything goes!)

The How-To:
  1. Trace the chameleon on your scrap cardboard and cut it out. I did this step and the next one for Kinley because cutting cardboard can be tough and I didn't want her to get frustrated or hurt.
  2. Trace the eyeball template on cardstock or an index card and cut it out, then color on a black pupil circle and assemble. If you cut your eyeball on the dotted line, you can twist it right up to make the perfect little cone eyeballs (see pics below.) I used hot glue to lock them in place 'cause it was already heated up and because it dries super quick and holds strong.
  3. Color your chameleons and clothespins. I gave our clothespins a quick coat of white paint stick to kind of prime them, but that's totally not a must.
  4. When all of the parts are dry, squirt some hot glue on your clothespin legs and stick them on. I stuck the inside of the backside of each clothespin to the back of the chameleon (does that make sense?) but you can do it however you want.
  5. Use hot glue to stick on the eyeball and add a permanent marker smile.

Chameleons are by far my ultimate favorite reptile and it's mostly their little tiny pinchy feet, and what do you know? We managed to give the crafty ones real actual pinchy feet of their own! Kinley and I turned these guys into one big sculpture by making a stack of them, with each chameleon's clippy feet hooked to its friend's back underneath him.

Do you love them? Are you gonna make some of your own? As always, Kinley and I would absolutely LOVE to see your versions. Tag us if you post on Instagram and Facebook and we will come right over and obsess over them stat 

P.S. If you are looking for more super fun animal crafts, make sure you check the #craftthezoo hashtag on Instagram. People share the absolute coolest stuff over there every week and it's creator, Emily @makingwithmommy, is always blowing me away with her crafty critter creativity. Here are my top nine favorite projects from Reptile Week (just click the pic to be taken straight over to the post on my Instagram feed if you are looking for more info about each project and the amazing people who dreamed them up):

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