When I posted our first Jim Dine heart art a couple of days ago I hinted that Kinley had an idea to try it again, but a whole different way and, friends, I'm here to tell you she is a flipping creative genius! (No, I am not biased. 🤓) Her version of his "Four Hearts" masterpiece involves acrylic paint and finger-painting and oil know, ALL the good stuff!

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about Jim Dine, that last post has a bunch more info so head over there, friend. In this one, I'm just gonna stick to the how-to, mmkay?

You are gonna need:

  • acrylic paint (tempera would work, too, it's just not quite as opaque and bright)
  • two sheets of white card stock or watercolor paper per heart art
  • paintbrushes
  • oil pastels
  • scissors
  • sticky foam mounting squares or circles

1. Pick a palette and get your paint ready. We like to put our paint in mini muffin tins. It's a great way to keep the paint colors separated and not get 15 containers dirty and you can just stick a sheet of press n' seal over the top and reuse the leftover paint for a few days. And bonus, if you leave a couple of cups empty, it's a great invitation to mix some fresh original paint colors which is always a good time -- see Kinley's light pink? I believe she named that "narwhal tummy" 🤔🤣

2. Make a background. On one sheet of card stock, just make random brushstrokes. There's no wrong way, just make sure to cover every bit of the paper. Set it aside to dry.

3. Cut four hearts out of the other sheet of card stock. I traced a template heart just so they would all be the same size. This would be excellent cutting practice for the littles, or you can just have the hearts precut and ready for them before you get started.

4. Cover each heart with oil pastels. Kinley opted to go with a bunch of colors. I tried to stick to Jim's original "Four Hearts" shades of red. If you want to limit the palette, make sure to only put out the oil pastel colors you want the kiddos to use, but I think it's fun to see what happens. The goal isn't to recreate the original artwork. The goal is to have FUN!

5. Fingerprint time! Now that your background is dry or mostly dry, scootch it back on your mat and go nuts with the fingerprints! No rules. You might wanna have a wet washcloth nearby!

6. Put it all together. When your fingerprinted background is dry, stick a few little mounting squares to the back of each heart and stick them on. No need to try for perfection. It'll look rad no matter how those hearts get attached!

Okay, so now you've seen Kinley's acrylic + oil pastel version and my liquid watercolor + photo paper version...which one is YOUR favorite? You already know my vote! 😍😍

If you give this one a try, be sure to tag us on social media @raising.kinley! Kin will be AMPED to see other people actually trying out her very own idea and so will I. So amped in fact that I will totally put you on blast in my Instagram stories 😁

Happy heart art-making!
xoxo Cara + Kinley

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