On one of my recent trips to the basement, I noticed that my recyclables-with-art-potential bin was overflowing thanks in large part to my ridiculous hoard of egg cartons and it reminded me that I never shared this adorable and super fun project with you! You only need a few things to make a pretty bouquet of your own and you've probably got all of them on hand, even if you are not a fellow garbage collector 😉


1. Cut the egg carton lid off and cut each of the egg cups apart.
Save that lid! They make great frames and shadowboxes.

2. Paint the cardboard scrap background and each of the egg cups and let them dry completely.
Kinley and I spread this project out over two days and this was the cut off for day one. Those egg carton cups soak up the paint and they usually take quite a while to dry all the way through.

3. Hot glue the button middles into each egg cup flower.
You could also use paper circles or pom-poms, anything really.

4. Hot glue a pipe cleaner stem to each egg cup flower.
We did this backwards and did step five before step four because we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants, but if we did it all over again, we would glue the stems on first for sure. Much easier.

5. Take a minute to arrange the little flowers EGGSactly 😉 how you want them on your painted cardboard background, and then hot-glue those beauties in place.

Kinley made lots of the creative decisions for this one. She chose the colors, came up with the button middles idea, and decided we should share our blossoms instead of just using our own on our own individual projects. I just love them and her input def made them EGGStra special (sorry, couldn't resist! 😁)

What do you think? Have you got an egg carton or twelve just begging to be made into a masterpiece, too? Try it! We'd love to see how yours come out! Just tag us on Instagram (@raising.kinley) and we'll be right over to heart that art!


  1. I love this crafts project. It looks very nice. Am pleased because it has steps to follow!

    1. Oh yay! That makes me so happy. I'm so glad you like this one! If you give it a try, will you email me a picture? I'd love to see :)