Well, friends. I hate to wave the white flag, but after 3 weeks of trying to muster the energy to write a witty and helpful blog post at 3 am, sadly I think I must.

I love writing this blog, making new friends and sharing our fun, but having a crazy wild 19 month old is no joke. I have zero energy left when she finally crashes for the night. The idea of editing photos and giving instructions when I finally, in the wee hours of the morning, have a second of free time makes me want to cry.

So, I'm going into blog retirement. Not forever, but for now. 

I've started home preschooling Kinley and our first unit all about her current obsession, dinosaurs, is going, well, DINOMITE! ;) That's another reason I kind of feel like I need to put the blog on pause. When I spend so much time documenting our projects, I miss all the fun with my little, and by the time I have all the photos I need for a post, she's over it.

I am still posting simple projects and recipes once in awhile on Facebook, so if you happen to miss us or wanna catch-up, just find Raising Kinley on there and it'll be like we never retired :) 

Thanks for hanging out with us! I'm sad! And tired...as the great Tigger once said, TTFN (ta-ta for now!) 

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