We go through bubbles at our house like water when it's warm outside. Whether she is in charge of blowing or chasing, Kinley is always down for some good old-fashioned bubbletime! But, what happens when we run out of solution, or worse, it gets knocked over on the sidewalk and K is nearing meltdown phase?

That means it's SUPER AWESOME HOMEMADE BUBBLE SOLUTION TIME! And when we make super awesome homemade bubble solution, it's bubble snake maker time, too.

We tried this combo a couple of summers ago, and it was such a huge hit that it has become one of our warm weather staples. The bubble snake maker is super simple and fun to make and the solution doesn't involve anything weird like glycerin--all just regular household ingredients.

All you need to make the solution is a big bowl or pitcher and:
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap (it might work with other brands, but I've never tried it.)
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder
Just put all of those ingredients in your bowl or pitcher, and stir it up very gently. You wanna try not to make any bubbles in the solution. I let Kinley help with this step now because she understands what I mean when I tell her softly and gently. When it's all stirred up it looks a little cloudy, and ours looks a little orange-y because of the coloring in the peach-scented dish soap we used .

Okay, now set that wonderful stuff somewhere safe where no little helpers will touch it for the next hour. Hey, while you are waiting do you wanna make a super fun bubble snake maker? 

You will need:
  • an old sock
  • duct tape
  • an empty plastic water bottle or soda bottle
  • sharp scissors

The first step is to carefully cut off the bottom of the bottle with your sharp scissors (probably a grown-up step). It doesn't have to be perfect, but try to trim off the jagged edges. Let's skip the Band-Aid emergency for today ;)

Now, have your little helper slide the old sock over the cut end of the bottle. Pull it all the way up so you've got a flat sock surface covering the bottom, then use the duct tape to secure the sock so it won't slide off when it's all soaked in solution. 

Speaking of that super awesome solution, after the hour has passed on the bubble solution, you'll need to give it another gentle stir before you head outside for some fun

And that's it. You guys are ready to rock!

Just dip your bubble snake maker in the solution, let the excess drip off and just BLOW and BLOW and BLOW!

It's kind of hard to capture the awesome bubble snakes--especially on a breezy day. Kinley had so much fun chasing those bubble snake chunks down the sidewalk :)

Here's a throwback to the very first time we tried this combo:

I just wanna cry over that teeny-tiny bubble face! Where does the time go?!

I saved the extra solution this time to see if it still works after sitting for longer than an hour, and I'm happy to report that three days later it's better and bubblier than ever. You'll just need to give a gentle stir before you use it again each time.

Oh, I should mention, too, that if you are making bubble snakes with a really little buddy make sure you show her not to suck in air through the bubble maker, and then watch closely to make sure she doesn't. K inhaled bubbles once and it was scary and horrible and I don't want that to happen to your sweet baby. There shouldn't be bubbles inside the bottle, so if you see some in there take it away and blow those puppies outta there!

Are you amped up for your next warm, perfect bubble day? As usual, I'd love to see some adorable bubble pics in my Instagram feed, so tag me (@raising.kinley) and I'll be there right away to tap on the heart!

Happy (finally) Spring! :)

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