Can you guess what Kinley and I were learning about this week? Nope, not inkblot personality tests. Good guess though. RAIN! We were talking about all things rain--puddles, clouds, raindrops, thunderstorms. The whole cumulonimbus ;)

Obviously, being that we are crazy book-loving library addicts, we have been eating up rain books like it's our job and we found one of the dozens particularly inspiring -- Puddle by Hyewon Yum. It's all about a little boy who spends a grouchy rainy day writing a splashy puddle story with his momma. They are so inspired by their happy puddle drawings, that they head outside for a fun rainy stroll and some real puddle jumping.

We didnt have any rain or puddles to splash in the day we read this adorable book, so we had to improvise. We had to make our own puddles, but how?

Process art, of course! I bet you knew I was gonna say that, didn't you?

I grabbed 3 shades of blue homemade liquid watercolors (we made a new batch using all of the colors in the super big pack of watercolors --sooo many gorgeous options!!), our pad of watercolor paper, and 3 pipettes while Kinley slipped on her signature zebra-print rain boots. That girl wants to wear her zebra boots everywhere we go, rain or shine, but for once they were a perfectly appropriate choice of footwear :)

We went outside for this one because A) it's spring and it wasn't raining for once, and B) things were about to get incredibly fun and messy!

I just plopped two sheets of watercolor paper down on the patio, one for each of us, and gave Kinley a little tutorial about pipette usage. Then I set her free to create with only one instruction: think like a cloud.

We sprinkled. We drizzled. We tried making perfect little careful raindrops from centimeters above our papers, and big squirty drizzles from as high up as we could stretch. Kinley even tried a spinning and sprinkling move. No rules rain painting!

We made more puddles and more puddles and more and more and more until so many papers were transformed into gorgeous, vibrant puddles that we ran out of rain paint and had to call it quits.

Aren't the results just stunning? K has been begging to give this art another try since she squirted the very last of the blue watercolors onto her last puddle paper. I'm pretty sure this process would turn out some gorgeous works of art, no matter the color 💙

I've got so much more rainy fun to share with you! I can't wait :)

If you give this rain painting a try, I hope you'll share it on Instagram and tag me (cara.raisingkinley) cause I would love to see it! Oh, one more thing--there was blue paint from one end of the patio to the next, but that's another super awesome benefit to homemade watercolors--they are totally washable! When it rained the next day, there wasn't a single speck of blue paint to be seen. Isn't outdoor art magical? Yay, spring! ;)

**This post contains a few affiliate links. They aren't just random, they are the exact products we used and I know they are of great quality. 

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