Don't you just love felt? We've got gobs of that stuff in the trusty old fabric bin! The other day, I grabbed all of the colors I could find and piled it on the table hoping the perfect felt art idea would just come to Kinley and I if we just stared at those rainbow scraps long enough. At one point, Kinley grabbed her scissors and started chopping a pink piece into tiny squares and it hit me -- string those babies together and make a wreath! Even better, a wreath ornament!! (Christmas mania is in full swing over here. The halls are decked, the trees are up and decorated and Christmas movies are on a loop every second of everyday 😍)

Didn't they turn out cool? These little tree decorations couldn't be simpler and you could definitely make them a little more traditional with a different color scheme. We just can't stop with the bright colors and rainbows!

What do you think? Wanna give it a go?

You'll need:
  • felt, cut into small squares (ours are about 3/4 of an inch, but there is no need to be precise)
  • sewing needle
  • sturdy thread (we used embroidery floss)
  • scissors
  • jingle bells
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)
  • ribbon (optional)

1. Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end of your thread leaving a loop as shown.

2. Sew through the centers of as many little felt squares as you want, making sure to stop every now and then to sew through a jingle bell's little handle. The bells help your wreathes to curve better, plus who doesn't love the sound of magical jingly little bells?

3. If you think you have sewn through enough to make a full circle, sew through the little thread loop you left in your original knot and see if you are right or if you need to add a few more squares. If you need to add more, pull the end of your string out of the loop and continue, but if you were right and you have a full circle, pull your thread tight and tie it off.

4. If you want your wreath circle to be perfectly completed, hot glue the two squares right next to the knot together.
5. You could add a thread loop to hang your beaut on the tree and be finished, or if you would like a bow, now is the time to break out the ribbon. I used hot glue to attach Kinley's bow to her wreath and left mine naked.

SEW easy, right? HA! I'm known for my quality dad jokes. 😉

If you try this project, we would LOVE to see it! Just tag me @raising.kinley on social media 😀 It's so fun to see the things you dream up out there in the world. 

Happy holidays and happy creating!
xo Cara

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