Have you ever tried scrape art? Well don't. I mean you can, but if you do you better have plenty of paper and paint on hand because you are never gonna wanna stop. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Kinley and I had a whole stockpile of scrape art goodness from one of our extreme can't-stop-won't stop scrape art sessions, but we never got around to doing anything with the infinite rainbow-y scraped papers we made until this week when they all became turkey tail feathers, and aren't they the most flutterly glorious turkey tail feathers ever?!

These little barnyard buddies are gonna be key in our giant craft turkey Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Need some for your own Turkey Day table? I've got you covered!

To make the scrape art feathers, you'll need:
  • sturdy paper (card stock or watercolor paper), and LOTS of it
  • paint (we used tempera)
  • cardboard scrap, cut into a rectangle
  • scissors
  1. Let your little artist squirt paint on her paper. Experiment with big puddles and little drops, swirls and splashes.
  2. Scrape your cardboard scrap rectangle through the paint and across the paper.
  3. Oooh and ahhhh...and repeat! Sooo satisfying! I told ya you'd need a bazillion papers 😉
  4. When the papers are all dry, just cut some simple feathers out of them. Save your scraps, you'll want them for the next step.
Okay, feathers are done! Ready to get your turkey on?

You'll need:
  • paper lunch sack
  • plastic grocery bags
  • stapler
  • glue stick
  • orange paper (construction or cardstock)
  • googly eyes, or white paper and markers to make your own
  • red yarn
  • scrape art turkey feathers
  • hot glue + glue gun
  1. Open up your lunch sack and stuff it with the plastic sacks. You don't have to use plastic bags to stuff your turkey bod, we just always have an abundance of them -- am I the only one who always forgets the reusable earth-friendly ones? Doh.
  2. Fold the top of the bag over and staple it shut.
  3. Glue on the turkey's eyeballs.
  4. Cut two little turkey feet and a beak out of the orange paper, and glue those babies on.
  5. Glue on a little red turkey wattle (you know the little red thingy that hangs off the side of turkey beaks?).
  6. Fan your gorgeous feathers out, and staple them together.
  7. Glue the feather fan to the back of the bag turkey with hot glue.
  8. Use your scrape art scraps to make some little accessories. 

Kinley named our turkeys Sophia Petrillo, Stan Zbornak, and Miles. What can I say? She loves The Golden Girls just like her momma. I am a tad worried that her favorite is Blanche...ha! Stan and Sophia have been spending their time in the Christmas rice sensory bin swimming with Dorothy the mermaid puppet. Gotta love kiddos and their massive amounts of hilarious imagination, right? 

If you are getting your turkey art on this week, I hope you'll take a pic and share it with us on Instagram! Just tag me @raising.kinley and Kin and I will be right there to heart that art. If you are in need of some more Turkey Day inspo, hit our Thanksgiving Pinterest board or Instagram -- we've been very, VERY busy. They are both stuffed with fun ideas! 😉

Happy almost Thanksgiving!
xo Cara

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