Kinley is such a sucker for all things bird. She's got a purse shaped like a cardinal and a whole nest of stuffed birdies sitting on her dresser that get hugs and smooches every single day. You can find her at least once a day staring dreamily out the window at the little birdies in our backyard or hollering excitedly when she recognizes one of her fave species on the bird feeder she built and decorated with her daddy, so this project was born out of that intense feathered friend love...and also the impending artvalanche that threatens to fall on our heads every time we open a closet or cabinet around here.

Do you suffer from being too sentimental to throw kiddo art away, too? It's just all so sweet and teeny-tiny and amazingly creative chubby hands made it. I've tried the take-a-picture-and-toss-the-art method but I end up with a picture AND an art project cause I just cannnn't 😢😜 So, in order to get a handle on all things art chaos, we sometimes try to repurpose those masterpieces into new masterpieces.
These little birdies were made with some of our favorite pieces of photo paper art. I've written a couple of posts about our favorite ways of making photo paper art which you can find here and here. We can never just make one or two, we always have to make 15 or 300 (only a very slight exaggeration 😉) and that stuff is small so I usually just toss it in the collage bin, but when they're just too pretty, we make birdies!

This one couldn't be simpler.

You'll need:
  • art you would like to repurpose, any will work but again this is photo paper art
  • background paper, any size, shape or color you'd like
  • glue stick
  • googly eyes
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
1. Flip the art you wanna use over and draw or trace a circle on the back to make your birdie's head and body combo.
I use a small jar lid because we like to make little birdies but it can be any size you want. Use your permanent marker if you are using photo paper.

2. Draw a tail triangle and two little wings on the back of the paper, too.

3. Cut all the pieces out.

4. Use your permanent marker to draw a straight line across your background paper to make the telephone line.

5. Assemble your birdie.
Glue the googly eyes on, draw the triangle beak with your permanent marker and glue the wings to the front of the birdie and the tail to the back.

6. Glue the birdie to your background paper and draw on the permanent marker legs and feet.

Don't you just love when process art meets craft? I'd love to see your little birdie buddies if you give this one a try! Just tag us if you post them on social media @raising.kinley.

If you happen to be looking for other great ways to repurpose all of that kiddo art, make sure you are following my buddy Shannon @ohcreativeday on Instagram because as a mom of three creative kiddos she's an expert in the artvalanche avoidance tips department 😁

Happy crafting!

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