I don't know which I love more about that project: the rainbow doily remnants or the finished art itself! Doesn't it all just make your eyeballs so happy?! I've got some good news for ya, too -- if you've got a teeny tiny person at your house, you might just be able to make this one happen! I used to do it every year with my daycare babies -- if you can sit up, you can make a pretty heart doily painting.

  • paper heart doilies
  • transparent tape
  • watercolors or tempera paint
  • art paper

  1. Make little transparent tape loops and stick them to the solid parts of a few paper doilies. If you cover the holes, your prints won't be very cool.
  2. Hand those little taped-up doilies to your little artist and let her stick them wherever her little heart desires.
  3. Let her paint over the top if the doilies with any kind of paint you want really -- we used watercolors, but the daycare babies used tempera. Anything will work!
  4. Carefully peel the doilies off as soon as your little human is done painting. If you wait they will get glued down to the paint. If your artist isn't a teeny-tiny one, she'll have the most fun doing the peeling. The reveal is the best part!

The prints won't all be perfect and there will be lots of smudge, but they'll be fun to make and they are almost guaranteed to be vibrant and festive! (Hint: try colors that don't mix to make brown if you are painting with a teeny one and let him use his fingers instead of a brush. They tend to get REALLY into it!)

We like to save the rainbow doilies for our collage box to art with later -- I mean really, how could anybody put that gorgeousness in the garbage?!

If you give this one a try, tag me on Instagram (@raising.kinley) cause I wanna see! :) Happy Valentine's Day, friend!!

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