We have quite a few Halloween crafting traditions around here and I think these semi-spooky glamour-witch hands are at the very top of Kinley's fave list. I love them too! It's hard to go wrong with any project that involves both washi tape AND warts, amirite?!

I saw this old monster hands post on The Happy Hooligans' blog a couple of years ago and, after adding a couple of twists to make it more us, it was an instant every year must.

Instead of wallpaper sample skin and band-aids, our fancy witchies are more into nail polish and sparkly rhinestone bling. Less cold and clammy, more haute and glammy 😉😎

I think one of the things that makes this one so appealing is that it's super simple and there's really no way to mess it up -- those are like the magic words of kid crafting, aren't they?

Okay enough chit-chat...I know you are here for the how-to 😁

You'll need:

  • green paper for your witch skin (we've used IKEA art paper, sparkly textured Martha Stewart scrapbook kind from Michael's, construction paper will totally work...basically whatever you've got!)
  • background paper (anything goes)
  • split peas
  • white glue + glue stick
  • washi tape
  • craft foam or colored paper (it's for the fingernails, so again, anything goes)
  • assorted sparkly things (I always just bust out our jar of rhinestones and sequins)
  • scissors

1. Trace your hand and forearm on the green paper and cut it out.

2. Use the glue stick to stick your witchie arm to your background paper. You could use the white glue for this step, but at my house white glue equals 75 added hours of drying time because somebody (not naming any names here) goes BAnanas with that stuff no matter how many times or at what volume I say "Just a dot, not a lot!" So, you do you boo, but I am recommending glue sticks for this part 😜

3. Make like a manicurist and GLAMIFY! This is the fun part! Add nail-polished fingernails (or claws, depending on the witch), rhinestone rings and washi tape bracelets. This year we even painted our witchie foam nails with glitter glue. Kinley's washi tape motto is and always has been "More is more." so her witchies tend to be totally extra. There are no limits, friend!

4. Glue on some warts. Yep, you heard me. Warts. This is why we brought the white glue to the table. Make some little dots all over the place and stick split peas on top. Add as many warts as you want! This is another one of Kinley's favorite parts. I think this whole entire project just might be her favorite part 🤔😁 Just in case you are wondering, we do the warts last because of the #whiteglueproblems, but also because if you put down a wart in a spot where you later want a bracelet or ring, it's kinda hard to work around the bump.

Well, there ya have it! Doesn't get much easier than that in the craft department does it? Are you sitting here thinking "Ugh Cara. What will I do with the whole rest of the bag of split peas? Do people really eat those things?" I'm not sure about the eating part...I mean I'm sure Pinterest or Alexa would know, but I do know what you can do with the extra peas. We like to turn our split peas into sensory bins!

They make excellent Halloween witches' brew and if you wanna hang on to them until Easter, I wrote a whole post about a bunny bin that they are perfect in, too. Split peas are on my top 3 list of fave things to dig around in. Oobleck is number one, followed by rainbow beans...jeez I'm in full-on ramble mode today!

Okay, so if you have any questions about this or anything else other than split pea recipes just holler! I'm happy to help! And if you happen to give glamour-witchie hands a try with a little human and post them on social media, tag me @raising.kinley 'cause we would LOVE to see them and I will share them with the world in my stories if you want me to 😁 

Happy crafting + Happy Halloween!

P.S. Looking for more of our Halloween faves? We've got a whole countdown going on Instagram right now if you are reading this in real time, or try one of these links:

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