So, I splurged and bought what I thought was the good fingerpaint at Lakeshore Learning Store, but as it turns out, it's horrible. Like really, REALLY not good. The orange turned into yellow a week after I opened it, all the other colors separated into hard chunks and water, and, although it plainly says washable on the label, washable it is not. It always requires a full bath to get Kinley's skin back to a normal tone and a ton of stain-fighting and prayer to get her clothes back to original condition. So, needless to say, I am beyond over this paint. But the cheapskate in me hates to waste anything, even horrible, junky old paint. Time to put on the old thinking cap.
Ah-ha! Baggie painting! I attempted this activity a couple of months ago with my Goo and she refused to try it, but today she loved it. Well, at least she loved it until she got way too into whacking the baggie, lost her balance and bonked her face on the patio door. At least we got a few minutes of fun out of that nasty old paint.
All you need for this activity is:
2 colors of paint (Super Gloopy Fingerpaint would work great for this!)
A large Ziplock baggie
Tape (I used clear packing tape)
It's really simple. Just dump as much paint as you want in the baggie. I used primary colors so it would be pretty when it got all mixed up, and bonus, if you have older kids this would be a great mess-less way to teach and practice color mixing. 
Now, close the baggie up. Double check that it's closed. Now triple check. ;)
All that's left to do before squish time is tape it to the window. I used our patio door because that's pretty much the only window Kin can reach in our house without standing on something upholstered. I taped a long strip all the way across the top of the baggie and another all the way across the bottom of the baggie.
She was so happy and totally into it. The paint feels really cool inside the baggie and it looks extra pretty with the sun shining through it.
If your kiddo is learning to write or recognize letters, this would be a fun way to practice instead of just using paper and pencils. You can make letters in the paint just by using your finger to write in the paint over the bag.
After Kinley banged her face on the glass she was happy to look at her squishy masterpiece from a distance. I left it hanging up so maybe she might get brave and try it again tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe I should think about getting her a sensory time helmet...


  1. Another great idea! That picture at the end of Kinley is wonderful. She looks so proud of her artwork!!
    What a hard moment to capture. You are an ace with your camera!!

    1. Thanks! It's just my trusty old iPhone...she sees it whirring around her so much I don't even think she realizes it's there anymore most of the time ;)