Welcome to the third installment of what seems like the most complicated and longest play date ever. Even though it has taken three whole days to write about, it really only lasted for a couple of hours, I promise. 
Kinley had so much fun with her heart soup on Valentine's Day, that I thought we should do it again St. Patrick's Day style. It was the biggest hit of the day. Both of the girls were sopping wet, covered in glitter, doing high-fives with their whisks, and smiling their biggest smiles during this activity. Who doesn't love splashing around in green glitter water with their best friend?

This is a super easy activity and can be adapted to any theme or holiday. 

To make our version of Shamrock Soup, you will need:
A long, shallow storage container
Warm water
Green food coloring
Green glitter
Foam shamrocks (found these at the Dollar Tree)
Green ball pit balls
Kitchen utensils to play with--we used whisks and wooden spoons
I just filled up the bottom of our container in the sink, whisked in some food coloring, and dumped in the rest of the "ingredients." Super simple. I put down a vinyl tablecloth before Cate and Jody even arrived, just in case anything got super messy, so you might think about doing that too if you have a crazy fun splasher at your house, or just don't wanna take any chances. Also, the girls wore their art shirts, but mostly just because they looked so dang cute in them and were walking like they were grand ladies in ball gowns. They didn't really help anything in the staying dry department, so I would skip the shirt and let your toddler strip down to his or her diaper. I'm guessing someday Kinley will thank me for not going with that option and posting topless photos of her on my blog, or, more realistically, it will be one less reason for her teenage self to hate me. ;)
Just plop that bucket of soup on the floor and watch the fun (and sparkly) mess happen!

Like I said, these girls had a blast. Obviously, you can create your own recipe with whatever green stuff you have on hand, but I would definitely not skip the whisks. That was, by far, their favorite part of the whole activity. We showed them how to "stir, stir, stir" and they practiced that for a good twenty minutes, well that and giving the foam shamrocks quality tests with their teeth.

It was a lot of work for Jody and I to get this whole afternoon ready and execute it, but the girls had so much fun that it was beyond worth it. You don't have to go as crazy as we did, but it's always fun for kiddos to get together with their friends, and even more fun for moms to have another grown-up person to talk to. 

Our sweet little girlies wore themselves out with all the soup stirring, so Cate and Jody headed home, Kin headed up to her crib for naptime, and I got busy cleaning all the glitter, green fingerprints, puddles and paint dishes. And just as I finally plopped down on the couch, poured a fresh, icy glass of Diet Pepsi, kicked my feet up, and clicked Friday's episode of Ellen on my DVR list, Princess Seahorse woke up and wanted a snack. Back to work. Just another day in the life of a SuperMom.  

We are planning an Easter themed play date next--think of all the possibilities! Flowers, eggs, bunnies, chicks...hang on, I better grab a notepad.

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