Kinley is notorious for hiding things in her ball pit. I've found my Chapstick, car keys, Ziplock baggies, spice bottles, and of course various random toys hidden beneath all those balls. Well, today I was digging around in those things trying to figure out where she had hidden her boxes of pony food that go with her Klip-Klop Castle and my hand got wet. Not good. I immediately had a flashback to crawling around in the notoriously always wet ball pit of the McDonalds PlayPlace in my did our moms let us eat Chicken McNuggets with those hands? Gag. 
Thank goodness I worked up enough courage to stick my hand back in Kinley's ball pit because I quickly discovered the source of the wet--leaky juice sippy cup. So, of course, I was momentarily relieved, but it quickly dawned on me that I needed to wash all 125 of those colorful balls or they were gonna turn into a smelly, sticky mess. 
I didn't think they would fit in the kitchen sink, so I toted Kin and the ball pit full of balls up to the bathroom and had my sweet little Seahorse help me toss those balls into the tub. As soon as the water started running she got excited and after the tub was full, it was all I could do to keep her from climbing in head first. 
Kinley had already had her bath for today after breakfast, but what kind of a mean momma would I be if I didn't let her dive in that way-too-tempting bath full of balls? I got her into her new bikini to amp up the fun--she LOVES that suit! She's got a special prancey walk in it and everything. :) 
When I put her in, she just sat there with the happiest, most excited look on her face like she couldn't believe this was really happening. Then she started going bananas...kicking, squealing, stirring with her hands, laughing, having the time of her life!
She had so much fun that I didn't mind one bit having to re-lotion and redress her in a new outfit and clean up twice the amount of water. I will do anything for a Seahorse smile! Next time your ball pit needs a good scrub, maybe you can try this method and make a tedious chore a little more fun. 
If anyone has an easy method for drying off 125 plastic balls, I'd love to hear about it.
I never did find the pony food. Hopefully she didn't put it in her other favorite hiding spot--the trash.


  1. Kinley's face is priceless. She has so many expressions. Sometimes I find myself looking at her excited face first and then going back to read why she is so happy. She does look a bit mischievous sometimes. Great blog. I really enjoy it.

    1. Thanks, Alisha! Kinley is super animated and SUPER mischievous! You nailed it :) Thanks for reading...hope everything is going great in your world.