I know, paninis are a pretty random topic and I am no food blogger, but I made these the other night and they were too dang delicious to keep to myself. Dave was shocked that they didn't have any special aioli or sauce or anything because they were just so yummy and it seems too simple a recipe for that much tastebud OOMPH. :)

We've tried lots of panini ideas over the years. Pinterest is swimming with ideas for different kinds, but we've had so many mediocre ones that one this good had to be passed along.

First of all, if you don't have a special panini pan or press, don't worry! Alton Brown from the Food Network said on one of his episodes of Good Eats that if you wrap a brick in aluminum foil and put that on top of your sandwich in a regular frying pan, it will work just as well. Or you can do what I used to do before we got a panini pan, and just smush your sandwich with your spatula really hard :)

Just click the recipe, and it will take you to the printable version :)

We had ours with a side of kettle-cooked potato chips and a yummy garlic refrigerator pickle. Deeeeeeeeelish!

Super fast, super yummy dinners are always a win for us--hope you like them as much as we did! Tell me what you think if you give them a try :)

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