You guys, I'm SO excited!! I've got my very first guest blogging gig. Yes, for real!

My new blogging bestie, Denise, invited me over to her blog for some Easter fun. She's the friendly, creative supermom behind If you aren't already familiar with her awesome blog, you should totally check it out. It's jam-packed with fun ideas, mommy humor and pictures of her beyond adorable kiddos. She's got an egg-cellent new post with about a gazillion brilliant ideas for stuffing those Easter baskets that's definitely worth checking out!

Kinley and I have been trying out all kinds of different Easter activities looking for the best ones to share on our special post, but this one that we tried today? I just couldn't wait to share it with you! You might remember my old post from when K was a teeny little ladybug about marble painting with bouncy balls? Well, this is kind of like that, but with an Easter twist!

You'll need four things for this process art project:
  • paint -- We used craft paint, but regular washable or tempera paint would work just fine, too.
  • cardstock
  • a box, pan or tub
  • plastic Easter eggs

We've got this cool plastic container that is meant for holding papers that works perfectly for this project, but it would be silly to buy a special container just for an art project, huh? You could use pretty much anything instead-- an aluminum lasagna pan, a cardboard box, even a shoe box would work if you trimmed your paper down a little bit. Just use anything you've got!

I was worried that since we were using thick craft paint and super lightweight plastic eggs, the eggs wouldn't really roll around in the paint. Picture all the excitement of a wild and wiggly art project stopped dead in it's tracks by a bunch of pretty eggs frozen in paint. Yay.

So, to ensure that didn't become a problem, I just had Kinley help me put a couple of flat glass marbles in each egg to make them a little heavier. You could use anything for this, but some paint does get inside the little holes in the eggs while they are rolling around, so you'll want to be sure whatever you choose to weigh them down is washable.

Before you get started, you'll want to tape your cardstock down inside the container you will be using and have extra paper handy for quick refills. Make sure to get smocks or paint clothes on, and have a damp cloth or paper towel nearby for messy little paint fingers.

Okay, let's do this!

Have your little buddy start squirting paint right on her paper-- I was nervous to let K do this part on her own, but she totally rocked it. It doesn't matter where or how, just wherever she pleases. No rules art!

Now, let her plop some eggs in the container. You'll know if it's too many when you start the next step. If they aren't moving around very well, just take a couple out, no biggie.

Okay, the wiggly awesome fun part comes next! Pop the lid on your chosen container, if it has one, and start shaking. Try shaking like a maniac, tilting side to side, even spinning if your art space is one that can get messy--just have fun! K and I had our tunes blasting for this project and we had a blast shaking our paint box to the beat of "Bad Romance" ...what can I say? Girl loves her some Gaga! :)

When the artist is ready for a new sheet of paper, just grab one, tape it down and start this process all over again. I hope you brought lots of cardstock, because you guys could be at this for awhile! Hey, I warned you it was fun!

The results are just gorgeous. This is one of those process art projects where you are almost guaranteed some stunning products even if that wasn't the point of the whole thing :)

Yay for new fridge art and an afternoon of messy, wiggly art giggles! I hope you have fun with your own Easter egg marble art. If you do, snap a pic, post it on Instagram and don't forget to tag me, cara.raisingkinley, because I definitely wanna check out that awesomeness!

I'll holler as soon as my guest post goes live and I hope you'll come visit me over at because if you think this project is cool, you will go bananas for the fun stuff Kinley and I have been working on for that! :)

Happy Spring!!

**UPDATE** My guest post is up, you guys!! Go check out our top four fun ways to play with plastic Easter eggs :)


  1. Cara, we love your blog, Raising Kinley, and we're looking forward to reading more as a Guest contributor at <3

    1. Thank you so much for the love! My guest post is up and ready for checking out now, if you wanna head over :)