Are you ready for hours of squawking and bird drama? Are you sure?

Okay, ask and ye shall receive! I should warn you that I, too, thought I was ready and 2 hours later, I need some Tylenol and a nap, but it was actually totally worth it because bird drama is the most hilarious kind. Some of our bird drama even trumped The Bachelor!

This project was kind of an accident. We were supposed to make the paper plate birds I have had pinned for a year, but when I went to go grab the paper plates, there were none. Oops.

But, it totally worked out, didn't it? Puppets, as it turns out, are WAY more fun that lame old paper plate birds ;)

K and I had so much fun making our own birdies. She won't even start a project these days unless I'm sitting beside her making my own. We just love to art together! I started sitting with her and working on my own project a few months ago, mainly because I was having a hard time minding my own beeswax when she was hard at work. I figured out that not only did we have fun together getting creative side-by-side, but doing my own the way I wanted it to be done left me with no time to tell her what to do. Win/win.

Since we were completely out of paper plates, I grabbed two small white paper lunch sacks, the jar of feathers, googly eyes, orange and yellow craft foam, gel crayons, and lots of glue sticks and arranged them appealingly on our schoolroom table.

When Kinley came running in, she actually whooped for joy and hopped up in her seat with her usual, "Are you ready to do art, Momma?"

So, we worked and worked, each doing it our own way.

Kinley asked me how to spell "bird" and impressed me with her writing skills by labeling her rocking puppet. (His name is Vampire Birdie, BTW.) :) I absolutely love his little owl eyes, and that pink tail feather, but don't get too close cause that guy is a biter, hence the name. ;)

My bird, Phil, turned out pretty cute, too. His favorite phrase is "Aww, BIRDSEED." which cracks Kinley up every. single. time. :) It's the little things, isn't it?

I guess this is more of an invitation to create than an actual craft project. We have way more fun with these things anymore. Who wants to be told how to be creative? You don't even have to use the materials we used. Look around and see what you've got. You could even cut some cool paper feathers or use felt for beaks or add pipe cleaner feet. You've got this!

And try setting up some materials and sitting down to get creative with your kiddo. It might just be your new favorite thing to do together.

And everyone could use a little bird drama in their lives, right? :)

Tag me on Instagram (@raising.kinley) if you share a pic. I'd LOVE to see your birdies!

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