My instabuddy, Trixi from colouredbuttons, invited Kinley and I to join her and a whole bunch of other creative rock stars for her annual Sew-A-Softie Month this time around and we couldn't be more excited to show you what we came up with. The whole idea is to help a kiddo dream up and sew a brand-new stuffed buddy and then share the pattern and instructions so other kiddos might see and get excited to try sewing for themselves. Stuffie sewing for EVERYONE!

My mom is a whiz on the sewing machine and I remember spending hours watching her work her magic when I was little, but I never wanted to try until I had Kinley (mostly due to my ridiculous fear of imperfection), but I've found so much joy in making things since that I wanted to make sure K started early and didn't miss out on something so rewarding and so dang fun.

Kin and I actually joined Trixi for another initiative earlier this year and had a blast making a special jellyfish stuffed buddy surprise for her dance teacher together, so when I asked her if she'd like to get in on it again this time around, she very enthusiastically said yes and instantly knew what she wanted to make: a HEDGEHOG.

Kinley has been obsessed with those little critters ever since she learned from another instabuddy of mine that there is a hedgehog cafe in Japan. Yes, for real! Like a cat cafe, but three hundred gazillion times cuter. (No offense, kitties!) Just imagining those little tiny nuggets scampering across your lap  as you sip on a steamy cup of joe is enough to make you wanna go book a ticket, isn't it? 😍

We bought a set of Valentine's Day erasers at Target this year and one of them was a little hedgie holding a heart. He's so adorable that I based this hedgehog design off of him. (This made Kinley even more excited to get started because she is obsessed with that little thing. Like can't possibly do her math worksheets without him kind of obsessed 😆)

Sew what do you say? Wanna make one, too?

You'll need:

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1. Print the template out on cardstock, cut it out, and trace it onto your polar fleece. You'll need one tan little hedgie body and 2 dark brown spines ovals. I like to fold the dark brown fleece over and cut two at once that match up perfectly, but you don't have to do that.

2. Attach your hedgehog's face. We used black embroidery floss to attach our button eyes and pom-poms, but you could always hot glue if you don't wanna mess with that either.

3. Pin your little tan hedgie body to one of the dark brown spines ovals and use the tan embroidery floss to sew and attach it. We stopped before we finished sewing all around the outside edges of his bod and put a little stuffing in just to make him a little more lifelike and extra squishy, but you can sew it flat instead if you wanna keep it as simple as possible. You choose! :) If you do go the extra stuffing route, you can use the eraser end of a pencil to wedge stuffing into his tiny little legs and ears.

4. Pin the two dark brown spines circles together and sew all along the outer edges, stopping when you've got a 2.5 - 3 inch opening. If you did the extra stuffing the little tan body step it will seem like the ovals don't line up, but just pin it so they do. You will fill him in with a bunch of stuffing so there won't be any sagging or bunching issues in the end.

5. Fill with stuffing and finish sewing around the edge.

Kinley is planning on giving the first hedgie she made to a special buddy, so we made her another one for keeps, too. Soon maybe we will have enough for our own hedgie cafe! That's as close to a Japanese hedgehog dream come true as we are gonna get for awhile 😍😁

If you love the idea of teaching your kiddo to sew with free and easy, tried and true patterns, head over to or check out sewasoftie or colouredbuttons on Instagram. I was one of almost 40 bloggers sharing tutorials this time around and there are tons more patterns and ideas in the archives from past years, so there is bound to be something for everyone over there.

Kinley and I would love to see if you and a little human of your own give our hedgie a go! Just tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we will head right over to swoon and share.

Happy sewing!
xo Cara


  1. This is super cute! Thank you for sharing it. I hope to have some happy, busy girls tomorrow!

  2. Kinley's hedgehog is so cute!!! Thanks for such a great post and for being such enthusiastic Sew-a Softie peeps :) You really need to go to that Hedgehog cafe in daughter actually went!!