Well, since you promised not to tell Kinley, I will tell you what the Easter Bunny dropped off at our house early to save for The Big Eggstravaganza. He told me that's how this works, he drops off the stuff early for kids who don't know how to snoop around and look for their Easter presents, so if you have a little and you haven't received a package of goodies for him or her, you may want to google "Easter Bunny customer service number" or drop him an email. :)

Let me start by saying, I took SuperBaby to the park and ran her up and down the lacrosse field and helped her climb all over the big toy for an hour and a half hoping to wear her out so she would take a nice long nap and I could take pictures for this post and get started on a grown-up craft I've been thinking about. 

Yeah right, Mom.

She slept for half an hour, just long enough for me to pee, sweep, and take these pics of her Easter surprises. Guess last week's Grey's Anatomy and my new grown-up craft idea will have to wait.

Let's get back to business, shall we? 

This is her whole haul...knowing me I will find a couple more random things to add, but this is it for now.

Spoiled rotten. 

I was completely obsessed with my Fisher Price Little People when I was little, so for Christmas we bought Kinley a bunch of Little People sets of her own. They are so cute and she loves them all. I think they were more fun when they were plastic/wooden choking hazards, but still, pretty cool.

So, Dave found her this farm garden set on sale awhile ago and we decided to put it away until it was time for Easter presents. Isn't a garden set totally perfect for a spring gift? I can't wait to play with it with her!

Kin LOVES candy. I've been working on potty training her (more on that later,) and have been giving her three M&Ms every time she goes, so she will go potty, hop off, get her candy, then get back on the potty and try again hoping to get more chocolate. She is definitely my daughter. Haha.

But, anyway, I don't really want to fill her eggs with candy 'cause that's just ridiculous. So we got her this really cool magnet set at Toys R' Us to fill her eggs with instead. I love Melissa and Doug toys, and I happen to know she's a big fan of this fun set because she played with her friend Cate's set last time we went to visit her.

The whole entire back of each letter and picture is the magnet, no little magnets to possibly pop out (like the ones we had when we were little,) and get eaten.

I am going to fill her one special golden egg with candy, and she will probably love that one egg more than any other part of her huge Easter present-fest.

Kinley's daddy told me the other day that he wanted to take her to fly a kite, and I just happened to find this Dora kite at Ollie's Bargain Outlet the other day. If any kite will keep her attention, it will be a Dora kite. 

I already told you in the Easter sensory post that I found this super cute felt Easter basket on sale at Michaels. They have a bunch of different kinds, and they are all adorable. So to go in there along with her magnet-filled eggs, I got her some egg-shaped bubbles from the Target One Spot, some egg-shaped Weebles, and a cute little Webkins bunny. I haven't investigated what's so cool about Webkins yet, but when I took care of the three year olds at daycare, I remember them all fighting over them so I figured that was a good choice. Plus, Kin is obsessed with stuffed animals, so maybe the bunny will be number two to the candy-filled egg, :)

That's all I've got for now. She's been practicing egg hunting inside for weeks now and I can't wait to see how well she does outside in her cute little dress. I am, and always have been, over-the-moon for holidays, so I've basically been waiting to make my kiddo's holidays killer since I was a little girl. It's finally happening! :)

My mom came over for dinner tonight and we decided on the Easter menu--pork tenderloin on the grill, Caesar salad (I've gotta share the recipe for this because we all love it so much we could eat it for weeks straight!) creamy dill potato salad, and lemon-lime bundt cake. I will round-up all of these recipes for ya in case you want to try any of them. 

Kinley's been dying to go see her goat friends, so we are heading back to the zoo tomorrow after lunch. I have a feeling this outing is about to become a once a week thing...one of the perks of living so close to the most awesome zoo in the nation!

If you've got any Easter basket ideas for littles, feel free to comment! I'd love to hear your suggestions. 

I hope my ideas helped you out a little. Don't forget, if Kinley asks, you know nothing! ;)

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