On our last trip the the Dollar Tree, I found Kinley one of those classic little wind up chicks that hops and hops and hops 'til he runs out of clicks. We named him Walter. She LOVES him and insists on carrying him and giving him kisses all day long. So, I thought we should probably do another chick craft in his honor.

Kinley and I made this craft last week and I've been so busy with all the other crafts we've done lately and stuff we've got going on, I haven't had time to share it with you. Hattie the Handprint Chick turned out really cute, but nothing like the one in the picture above--Kinley totally did it her own way, as usual. ;)

Here's what you need:

Two sheets of yellow construction paper
A scrap of pink construction paper
Half a sheet of orange construction paper
A scrap of black construction paper 
A scrap of any paper you choose (for the bow)
2 orange pipe cleaners
Glue stick
Markers (optional)
Scotch tape

I made a pattern for you with all the pieces you will need to make Hattie, so you can just print it out and use it if you don't feel like free-handing it all. Super easy :)

Trace the big egg-shaped body onto your first sheet of yellow construction paper and cut it out. Trace the beak and feet on the orange construction paper. Trace the smaller cheek circles on the pink, and the eyes on the black and cut all of them out. Now you are all set to start the fun part.

I meant to have Kinley color with her markers all over Hattie's chick body before she stuck on all of the parts, but I forgot, so she colored after. Either way works. Or you can skip the coloring all together, I just wanted SuperBaby to have something to do other than stick down a bunch of parts because I feel like we have been doing that a lot lately.

So, I put glue all over the back of each part and she stuck them where she wanted them to go, and decorated all over with her markers.

While she was coloring, I made Hattie's legs and feet. I just bent the ends of the pipe cleaners to make a place to attach her feet, and taped them on from the bottoms. Then, I accordion-folded the pipe cleaners to make her legs, like this:

Next, we needed to make some handprints for Hattie's wings. 

I just squirted some yellow finger paint on a plate and, since we didn't need super neat handprints this time, just squished her little hands around in the paint one by one and pressed them down on the second sheet of yellow paper.

I washed Kin's hands and sent her to play with her mini kitchen while I cleaned up our mess and finished up our project.

All that's left is cutting out the handprint wings, gluing them on, and taping on the legs.

Heeeeeeeere's Hattie!! I love her and so does SuperBaby...she runs to the cabinet that Hattie is hanging on first thing every morning and waves hello to her. 

You could easily make Hattie into a Henry by turning that bow into a bow tie. 

Kinley loves Walter the Chick so much, I went back and got her the hopping bunny, too. We named him Benny. Doesn't that sound like a children's book series? Walter and Benny: Hop 'til You Drop. Walter and Benny Wind-Up Best Friends. So many options...haha :)

The SuperGirls went to the Best Zoo in the Nation today and I'm just finishing up narrowing the millions of pictures I took down to a select few for our third slide show coming tomorrow. Plus, my parents are coming over Wednesday for our weekly dinner, and I'm gonna share my dad's amazing grilled chicken recipe with ya, plus I'm making a new cheesecake recipe fresh from The Chew (love that show,) and if it turns out yummy, I will share that too. And, as usual, I've got a million craft ideas zooming around my head, so more of those as well.

Stay tuned for another busy and fun week! 

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  1. Cute! I love that you let him place the materials where ever he wanted!