Well, we went bananas for St. Patrick's Day, and cuckoo for Easter, what am I gonna do after Sunday? Mad for Memorial Day? Hmmm...

How are your Easter crafts going? Is your Cabinet Gallery as full as mine is? We have one last little space left on the drinking glass cabinet after hanging up our scribble bunny...don't worry, that should be filled by tomorrow afternoon. ;)

For the last couple of days, as soon as Kinley wakes up, she wants to head straight outside, but she had a freezing cold surprise this morning when we looked out the window. Snow everywhere.

No outside time makes for one unhappy baby. She just kept standing by the front door and trying to get her Crocs out of the coat closet. Oh, and shrieking at me at the top of her lungs while pointing out the door.

I think it should be illegal for it to snow after Easter eggs are hung in bushes or trees. It turns a super happy bush into a super depressing one instantly. Totally lame, Mother Nature.

As a special I-seriously-can't-believe-it-snowed-again treat, I downloaded our two favorite songs, Do You Want To Build a Snowman? and Let It Go, from the movie it feels like we are living in, Frozen, from iTunes. (P.S. Let It Go is on a special right now and is only $.69!)

So, we listened to those beauts on repeat and did our best So You Think You Can Dance routines all around the kitchen while singing at the top of our lungs for a good half hour. Okay, yes, the singing and dancing was mostly me, but it seems way less embarrassing to say "we". Plus, Kin DID sing a little and insisted on being held while I ran and leaped and twirled. In hindsight, that may have been because she was scared of all of the running, leaping and twirling. Moving on...

We needed something else in order to get over our recurring seasonal depression, and I decided that something would be a happy spring colored craft. I happened to have seen an idea on Pinterest a few days ago about that got my creative wheels turning and would be just the thing to get us out of our back-to-boots funk.

The idea (which I apparently didn't actually pin,) was to cut your photo mat into a shape instead of cutting your art into a shape. What a perfect thing to do with kiddo art! I hate cutting up Kinley's drawings when I'm using them to make other things, like the suncatcher flowers I told you about. I had her color the whole sheet of paper, but I didn't manage to get much of her cute scribbles on the part we saved. So sad.

This way, you don't have to lose any of the best parts, they just get covered up. And if you want, you can uncover them later. Awesome!

All you need to make our scribble bunny is:

2 sheets of white construction paper 
Scotch tape

Pick out some happy spring crayons and lay them out for your kiddo to pick from. Kinley had never seen so many crayons before so she was a little overwhelmed. That's a good tip, actually. If you have a little one around Kinley's age, just give them a couple of crayons at a time. Sometimes too many choices just overwhelms them, and they give up, which almost happened with SuperBaby today because I forgot to use my daycare knowledge.

We ended up doing teamwork on the scribbling today because Kinley didn't feel much like coloring unless I was coloring with her. Our collaboration turned out really pretty...

Now that's done, so the next step is to draw a bunny shape on the second piece of white paper. I used a bunny stencil from a set of holiday stencils my parents bought me when I was little...I believe the date on the box is 1987. I. Am. Old. 

If you want my bunny shape, just leave me a comment and I will get one uploaded or emailed to you.

I made mine just a little bigger than the original stencil, that's why it's a blue construction paper bunny in the picture.

Now, cut the bunny out and make sure you cut on the outside of your tracing line so there isn't any lead left on your mat. 

You just need to place the mat over the scribble paper and move it around until you have it exactly where the prettiest part of your scribbles will be showing.

Voila! Just trim off the edges and tape it all together. I just taped around the outside edges so I can take it apart later, but if you don't want to take it apart later, you could just use a glue stick and stick the two papers together permanently.

Here's our finished product, taken while hanging in the Kitchen Cabinet Gallery.

See, super simple and really cute. Not quite cute enough to erase the snow from your memory, but close. 

When our bunny was finished, we decided maybe we should just embrace this last (hopefully) cold day, so we snuggled up with a blankie on the couch and read a few stories. 

Just like that goofy, yet adorable, snowman, Olaf, we like warm hugs. 

But we also like sandals and going outside, so fingers crossed we wake up to water park weather. ;)

Happy Scribbling!

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