When Kinley and I woke up this morning, we did our usual stretch and snuggle and then she shrieked and pointed at the window. She was so happy, I half expected to see Dora The Explorer sitting up there holding out an ice cream cone for her, but nope. Kinley was that excited about the sunshine peeking out from under the blinds! It's about time! The rain finally listened to our song and WENT AWAY. Hallelujah!

We hurried up and ate our chicken nuggets and Mac and Peas (macaroni and cheese with peas mixed in,) put on our shoes and jackets, and raced outside. The yard was super squishy, but since Kinley had her washable Crocs on, I didn't mind her stomping around in it at all. She had a blast and even wound up with her first muddy knees. 

We explored all over the yard, went for a wagon walk, saw her first earthworm, and touched a sticky pinecone and one of those spiky brown gumball things that fall outta trees. Then SuperBaby got brave and decided to walk all the way up into all of our neighbors' lawns and walkways and make their dogs bark. She also refused to come back to the sidewalk when I called her, I guess she was in a visiting mood. Or a rotten mood. Not sure which.

After we walked around some more and chatted with the mailman, Kinley decided she wanted me to pick her up and was almost asleep in the minute-thirty it took to take her up to her room. Ahh, thank you spring!

When she woke up, we decided it was time to get busy on our Easter decoration of the day. 

While she watched Sprout, I gathered up some spring scrapbook paper scraps,

and cut them into different sized strips...some short, some long. Some skinny, some wide.

Other than cut-up scrapbook paper scraps (wrapping paper or tissue paper scraps would be pretty too,) you will need:

Egg-shape cut from construction paper
Glue stick

Once I had everything ready, I dragged Kinley from her episode of SuperWhy? and plopped her on the bench.

I put glue on the back of a couple of strips and told her to stick them, and you know what? She did it. With NO help! She has learned after all of these projects, how to stick the glue side down on the paper and she only got them stuck to her hands a couple of times. I was so impressed. 

She sat there and glued on all but a handful of those strips, and I cut a ton. I think not being frustrated about having sticky hands really helped her patience level and attention span. 

That's all there is to this project, just gluing and sticking. Kinley wanted to show her friend Nutmeg the Squirrel what a fabulous job she did...

We are running out of cabinet gallery space. I'm gonna have to give her a couple of small crafts to work on, because that's all that will fit. :)

I know I promised you an Easter basket post today, but I didn't have time to round up all of her goodies and take pictures of them with all of the sunshine-y excitement, so I will definitely do it tomorrow. Sorry if you were counting on it!

Have an eggs-tra wonderful Wednesday! Fingers crossed it's sunny again when you wake up :)

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