Have you ever seen a more beautiful batch of oatmeal?!

I have been seeing dyed oats popping up on Instagram and Pinterest for months but I never even gave making them a second thought. I mean how can you add liquid to dry oats and get anything other than a mushy disaster of a Pinterest fail, right? Well, I'm here to tell ya, I tried it and it's not another picture lie, folks. Rainbow oats are a real thing and they are even cooler than they look.

The texture is amazing, like some sort of rainbow sensory dream. Kinley and I can't keep our hands out of them. As a matter of fact, the first day they were introduced to her little sensory bin, she carried that thing room-to-room with her for hours! SO GOOD.

Okay, now here is where this whole tutorial goes a little off the rails. I have this thing where I think I know how to do everything artsy so I don't read the real instructions and just follow my own lead. There is probably a real and more precise recipe somewhere out there in Internetland if you feel like this random "just toss stuff in" one is giving you anxiety. Now, that being said, my random way totally worked, so....🤷😂

For each color, you'll need:

  • 1 cup of old-fashioned oats (quick oats might work too, but no promises.)
  • liquid watercolors or food coloring
  • one baggie
Put the oats in the baggie and squirt in some color (we used Colorations liquid watercolors).
Close the baggie and shake those oats up. 
Add more color and shake again.
Repeat. (Those dang oats are like color sponges, man.)
**You might wanna add about a half teaspoon of water to each bag while you are trying to get the color to spread to all of the oats. I did and it worked out okay, but you probably wouldn't wanna add very much more than that or risk goo problems.
When your oats are good and pretty, dump them out on a paper towel-lined tray or cookie sheet and set those beauts out in the sunshine to dry. Dry time for ours was about one to two hours.

After you are done taking 9 million pictures of the gorgeous sensory rainbow you just made for all of the various social medias, let your little helpers get those oats scooped into the play bin for ya. Kiddos get such pleasure out of messing up perfectly dyed rainbows for some reason. I actually did the pleasure of mixing this rainbow up myself to see what all the fuss was about and while it was super satisfying, it was not worth the pout...or guilt. 😬😜

If you wanna take it one step further, I came up with a fun learning game you can try with your oats, too. Kinley loves it. Like so much, she asked to play it today when we got home from our park playdate. Yes, you read that correctly. A letter learning game request was made in the summertime!! 😲😁

I just buried Kinley's trusty old Melissa & Doug lowercase wooden letters in the oats and set my phone timer for four minutes. She had to dig out all of the letters, put them in order and hit the imaginary buzzer before time ran out. (My kid will do anything with joy if it involves a time limit and a buzzer. Is it just a kid thing or is it part of her American Ninja Warrior obsession? 🤔)

Well, anyway, I hope this was all helpful, friend! Holler if you try it or tag us on Instagram if you post your own rainbOAT results (#dadjokesfordayz 😉) cause Kinley and I both get a kick out of seeing these ideas circle the globe. Happy digging and letter learning!

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