Awhile ago, some of my favorite bloggers (@artcampla@barleyandbirch@ohcreativeday and @momcollaborativeand I teamed up to bring back the 80's for one week only...I'm pretty sure we could have easily made it a month-long thang because there is seriously just too much gnarly to squeeze into five days!

The music, the clothes, the colors, the books, the shows, the movies...EVERYTHING IS RADICAL!!

Kinley was pretty stoked when I told her we were doing Troll art...and then I showed her the eighties Troll printable I made for the project and she was all "Ugh! GRODY Momma! What is that thing? Gag me with a spoon!" (Well, okay she didn't use those EXACT words, I took the liberty of translating them for my fellow 80's kids. You're welcome. 😉)

She got over it pretty quickly when she remembered the magic of blow painting, thank goodness! I had been wanting to try this process with her again for awhile and wild Troll hair-making seemed like the perfect opportunity. I was originally gonna block off the naked Troll head with contact paper pre-painting and just paint right on the printed sheet, but it seemed way easier to just paint on another half sheet of paper and cut the finished painting into a hair-ish shape and glue it on the Troll afterward.

Blow-painting is so super easy — you just squirt little drops of liquid watercolors (if you do puddles it just doesn’t work) on nice thick paper like card stock or watercolor paper and blow on the drops through  straws (half straws work best). It makes such a nice feathery design, perfect for that magical wish-granting hair! It’s really fun, for kiddos AND grown-ups 😁

After we made our old school Troll art, Kinley and a whole bunch of our buddies on the 'Gram started clambering for some bald Poppy and Branch printables to make hair art with instead. Apparently there is ONE thing that wasn’t better in the 80s 😉 Even I have to admit, the new Trolls are 1000 times cuter. Ask and ye shall receive, Instabuddies!

I whipped up the exact printable you guys wanted, and K and I even came up with three more ways to make hair for you to try:

  1. Markers/crayons + glitter paint -- Draw the hair of your dreams, paint over with glitter paint or glue and sprinkle glitter (Kinley's fave method because GLITTER!!)
  2. Watercolors + crayons -- Draw with crayons first, paint over the top with watercolors, liquid or the dried kind in the the little box.
  3. Watercolor pencils -- We love the IKEA watercolor pencils, but any will work perfectly! Draw your hair with the pencils and then paint over with water. This method makes a really nice light and fluffy hair texture, too.
And one more super cool idea from one of my best instabuddies -- Kim @bookbairn who laminated the printable and used Play-Doh with her absolutely adorable little Lottie, to get their hair on. Genius!

We made a ridiculous number of Poppies and Branches while experimenting just for you guys — hey, it’s okay, it’s okay! You’re welcome!...wait, wrong awesome kiddo movie. Oooh, I know! Errybody's invited to our Troll-a-bration, I'm the funky one with the, link! 😉

I’ll leave it right here — both versions, cute and not-so-cute.

Later, dudes!
xo Cara

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