Not a day goes by at our house without at least one spontaneous dance party and at least one super messy art project, so why it never occurred to me to combine the two before the day we gave our musical canvas experiment a try is beyond me!

I bought a couple of ginormous canvases at Michael's a couple of weeks ago for 70% off just because they were a great deal and when Kinley was bored last weekend, I decided it was the perfect time to bust one out and get that gal occupied. I grabbed some paint, my iPad and the trusty paint-splattered Bluetooth speaker for our usual art-making background noise and we headed out to our favorite creating spot in the backyard.

While Kinley squirted the red paint in her jar, I turned on some 80s jams and she just got right down to it, singing and flinging paint to the beat...and then it hit me. Wouldn't it be cool to change up the music style with each color of paint and see if her painting style changed to match?!

And what do you know, IT DID!!

EDM had her painting like a crazy robot.
Reggae had her relaxing on her mat and painting in a total Caribbean state of mind.
French Pop was a splatterfest, but I think American Pop was the ultimate favorite for both of us. You haven't lived until you've seen a tiny human swipe paint on a canvas with loads of attitude to "Hollaback Girl" 😎😂

Well, have I convinced you? Are you ready to give this funfest a try?!


  • canvas or big dropcloth
  • acrylic paint (we used the Michael's craft kind. It's our fave! Super vibrant and the perfect texture.)
  • jar for paint
  • paintbrushes
  • music
  • optional: vinyl tablecloth or some other ground cover to put under the canvas, mostly to protect tender little barefeet

1. Set up. 
All you need to do is prop your canvas up against something, fill a jar with paint, and plop some paintbrushes in it. You will definitely want to get some paint clothes on, too! I prefer to put Kinley in clothes that she doesn't have to worry about getting messy when we are painting outside. The more free, the better!

2. Pump up the jams.
We are big ginormous super Spotify fans and their app was perfect for this one. They have a bazillion playlists for every genre you can think of (plus lots I haven't even heard of before!) You can make a list ahead of time of the music you'd like to try for each color, or just go with the flow.

We chose:
Red -- 80s Greatest Hits
Pink -- Country
Orange -- EDM
Yellow -- Reggae
Green -- Latin Pop
Blue -- 60s French Pop
Purple -- American Pop
(Are you sensing a theme? K is a total pop addict. 😉😍 )

3. Dry time.
I had Kinley wait five minutes between each color. She was running around and playing on her swing and tossing a Frisbee with her daddy and I so she didn't mind the wait. I let her choose after the five minutes if she would like to wait longer and let the paint dry or just go ahead and have some blending going on.

We did four colors the first day and the other three the next just to keep it fun. If it starts feeling like a chore or the giggling dies down, just save the other colors for another day. This one is all about the fun and silly!

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we both had with this project. Two afternoons filled with giggles and sunshiny, paint-splattered memories and bonus I've got a simply amazing masterpiece that I will never look at without remembering my girl's wicked cool orange EDM robot moves.

What do you think? Will you give this one a try? Kinley and I are already planning our next musical masterpiece. This one will be a collaboration, include punk rawk and be extra, extra messy...and extra super fun!

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