If you aren't already following my instabuddy, Kristian @friendsartlab, stop reading this and run over to hit that follow button! You will absolutely love her, guaranteed! She's like the world's most amazing preschool teacher/art teacher/college professor/human being on the planet and she's never shared an idea we didn't love, including this one: BATIK!

We LOVED this one -- from the free glue squirting to the splashy washing and reveal, nothing but awesome!!

It takes a couple of days, but you will be addicted from step one, promise. Okay, I'll stop gushing now! Let's get down to it...

You'll only need a couple of things:
  • white school glue
  • acrylic paint
  • white muslin fabric

First step: squirt glue in any design you want on your muslin and let it dry overnight.

The next day, use your acrylic paint to cover the entire piece of fabric, dried glue and all, and let that dry. We were too excited for the next step and had to bust out the hair dryer to speed the process along!

Last, and most fun, step: fill up a bucket or big bowl with hot water and put your pretty painted fabric inside. You can wait for the glue to dissolve or you can do what we did and get in there and get splashy, pretend you're a washing machine and scratch off the glue with your fingers! (We highly recommend version two 😉)

We've had this on our to-do list since Kristian posted it weeks ago, but every time I get in the doors at Joann I get all mesmerized by the crafty goodness and promptly forget what I went there for in the first place...please tell me I'm not alone 😜😄

Have any questions? Just holler! I'm happy to help.

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