Welcome to beautiful Crystal Rainbow Beach at the edge of the stunning Sky Sea -- PONY PARADISE!!

When I asked Kinley yesterday what kind of small world she would like next, she said something with her beloved My Little Pony buddy collection...and then THIS happened. We team-dreamed this bin full of beachy fabulousness up and she legit hasn't stopped digging in it and pretending with it and cooking up imaginary pony drama since the last bean was dumped in.

I'm picturing your little trying to climb over your shoulder to get a better glimpse of this while begging you to recreate it at your house so I'll get right down to the "recipe" before your computer/phone gets busted 😉😃

You'll need:

  • rainbow beans (check the next post if you need to know how to make these!)
  • sparkly beads and gems
  • cocktail umbrellas (we found these at Dollar Tree)
  • blue crinkly paper
  • cotton balls
  • My Little Pony figures (Shopkins or little dolls would be cute, too!)
We like to use this tray I found in the dollar bins at Target for small worlds. We used to use the big giant sensory bin, but it takes SOOOO much more stuff to fill and this thing is the perfect size.

We started by dumping in the magical rainbow beans and beads and gems and Kinley stirred those up with her hands -- honestly she just couldn't wait another single solitary second to get her mitts on those beans!

Then we added the crinkly paper and cotton balls to make a sky sea and she planted all of the beach umbrellas and ran to dig out the ponies and we were ready to rock. We also added a single piece of pirate treasure to bury and use for lots of pony drama and treasure hunts 😉

Do you know a little human who would like this bin? Kinley and I would absolutely LOVE to see your version! If you give this a try and post it on Instagram, tag us (@raising.kinley) and we will be right over to heart it and gush 😍😊 Happy pretending!!

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