If you've ever played with oobleck, you know the texture is strangely irresistible but you haven't lived until you've slopped around in a giant tray of frozen rainbowy kind! When I spotted this amazing idea from the fabulous brain of's Ana, I knew we absolutely had to give it a try.

The prep was kind of intense and made a whole heck of a lot of dishes but the fun we had with this super messy STEAMy sensory experience made it all 100% worth it! I made a big giant double batch of oobleck (2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water) divided it into smaller containers, dyed it all the colors of the rainbow with our Colorations liquid watercolors and then poured it into every ice cube tray and mini muffin tin I could find for freezing.

When the cubes were solid, I whipped up another half batch of plain white oobleck, put it in the bottom of a play tray and plopped the colored cubes on top per Ana's instructions.

Kinley had no idea I was working on all of this and when she walked out to the backyard and spotted all of the rainbow-colored goopy goodness sitting on our play mat ready for her, she let out a shriek like I've never heard before! We added scoops and little cups and a couple of spoons and played and played until all the pretty was brown and goopy and then we played some more. SOOO FUN!!

Pretty sure this is gonna be a summer staple for us this year! Four thumbs WAY up from us!

**This activity is from Ana's brand-new amazing book, so if you like the looks of this you might wanna click here and buy the whole amazing thing! (not an affliate link, just crazy for her brand of awesome 😍)

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