Three years ago, Kinley requested a space unit so I ran out and bought the Safari, Ltd. astronaut Toob and made her a ginormous batch of moon sand (aka cloud dough) to dig around in. From the very first squish, she was hooked! No matter how many rainbow-y, squishy, pretty, dazzling options I give her for sensory play, this is the stuff she always requests.

It's irresistibly velvety and sticks together when you squeeze it, but crumbles right back to smooth powder -- so, soooo good!! You just might love it just as much as your tiny human does...I can't ever keep my hands out of it 😜

Wanna give it a try? Here's our no-fail recipe:

  • 4 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup baby oil
  • GLITTER (optional, but totally space-tastic! 😉)
Just dump it all in the container you wanna play in and stir and squish it all up!

If you don't have baby oil or have a little who likes to taste, vegetable oil works just fine.

One more thing: be prepared for MESS!! Moon dust is a sensory experience probably best enjoyed outdoors 😉

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