Sometimes I go to sleep thinking creative thoughts and wake up with a brilliant art idea or twenty that I can't wait to try with Kinley, and then sometimes I go to bed exhausted and wake up with not a single solitary teeny tiny inkling of an idea what we should eat for lunch let alone a creative thought in my brain and on those days I hit Pinterest. 😉😜

This rubber cement art idea is one that I've seen on several of my trips to that enchanted place where the amazing ideas are abundant (almost too abundant sometimes, right?) and it actually turned out just as pretty as they promised -- one of those Pinterest unicorns, ya know? 😂

You only need three things to make this happen and you probably already have all of them at your house:

1. Drizzle the rubber cement all over the place.
This is process art at its finest. There is absolutely no wrong way to do this step, just go nuts. Try drizzling from different heights or with different sized globs on your glue brush. Stop whenever you feel like it.

2. Let the glue dry completely.
This is kind of tough because the next step is so fun, but trust me, you have to wait. If you just absolutely can't, drizzle glue on a few more papers to pass the time. You won't wanna stop at one anyway!

3. Cover your paper, glue and all, with watercolors.
Again, there is no wrong way to do this. Just make sure to fill your paper with color for the best effect.

4. Let the paint dry.
Grab a snack, or if you truly can't wait, break out the blow dryer and cut the drying time down drastically! 😉

5. Peel off the glue and reveal your amazing art!
Kinley and I just rubbed all of the glue off with our fingers and a little elbow grease. It takes a little time, but the reveal and the finished artwork is so worth it!

After posting this on Instagram and getting a few questions and doing a little more trial and error, I've got a couple of tips for ya:
  • If you want super bright colors like we got, don't dilute your watercolors.
  • Mini rubber cement art is really fun and much easier for little fingers to tackle rubber-cement-removal-wise. Index cards are the perfect size!
  • If you are feeling extra art-venturous, paint your cardstock before applying rubber cement and after, so when you rub the glue off you reveal the original color instead of white. (Examples of this below.)

Well, that's it for me, off to dreamland. Fingers crossed it's one of those amazing ideas kind of nights!

Oh, P.S. if you give this a go, Kinley and I would absolutely LOVE to see it! Email me a pic or if you post it on Instagram, tag me, @raising.kinley, and we'll be over to heart it and gush STAT 😀 Happy creating!!

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