Today I had big plans for an awesome leprechaun paper plate art project, but Kinley's tummy had other ideas and I spent art time cleaning number two from what seemed like each and every tile in the kitchen and giving an impromptu afternoon bath. Ahh, the mom life. So, needless to say, art time was all used up. That's the way it goes some days! We will try that again tomorrow, but today, instead of our cute little leprechaun, we did Kinley's favorite old standby sensory activity--RIBBON BOX!

I found a Pinterest link to some activities to try with your baby awhile ago and one of them said something about putting ribbon scraps in a box and letting your baby explore the different textures. I love a good use-what-you-already-have project, and one thing this recovering scrapbook addict has is RIBBON. Well my baby ate the scrap box up, literally and figuratively! She's enjoyed her ribbon box since she was about 6 months old, and to this day, chooses it above almost all of her other toys pretty much all the time (which is pretty frustrating when you break the bank to buy a million awesome toys for her birthday and Christmas.) This activity usually holds her attention for at least half an hour, which is way more than most other things.

Today she was being wild and crazy with her ribbons, as you can see, but usually we do a few different things with them, like comparing size. I hold up a long ribbon and say "long" or "big" and hand it to her, and then show her one that is the opposite and say "short" or "little." We also compare textures (smooth, rough, bumpy, silky, etc.,) and colors. I try to talk to her about them as much as possible, build her vocabulary, ya know? She already knows what the words "big" and "little" mean--when I say "big," she stretches her arms out, and when I say "little" she puts her hands back together again. That's gotta have something to do with our ribbon game, right? Or, possibly, she is just a genius. :)

The other thing we like to do with our fabulous box of ribbon is play fancy ladies. My mom made up this way to play and it's our favorite. We just tie the ribbons around our wrists like bracelets, and in our hair, and around our necks like scarves and necklaces, and just drape them everywhere until we feel like the fanciest princesses, ev-ah. 

However you decide to play with your ribbon box will be the right way because there are no rules. Okay, there is one rule...HAVE FUN! If you make a ribbon box and think of any other fun ways to play with it, let us know. Lady Seahorse would be thrilled, dahling!

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