Kinley drinks a smoothie every morning (the only way I can get her to drink her almond milk) so we always have bananas in the house. This week she wasn't feeling the bananas, so when we finally got up today and noticed that they were verging on black, I decided it was time to make some BANANA MUFFINS! Yum!

I found a recipe on the Taste of Home website and just added an extra teaspoon of vanilla. I use that trick in pretty much every recipe that calls for vanilla--doubling it makes everything extra yummy.

Here it is--it's printable, just click on the recipe :)

These things made our house smell AMAZING and they tasted just as great as they smelled--crunchy around the edges, super fluffy and moist on the inside.

Looks like they get a thumbs up from the Baby Seahorse and her daddy loved them, too. Let me know what you think!


  1. I just made these and I'm waiting for them to cool, they smell amazing! I can't wait to devour them... yummmmmmyyyy

    1. Did they taste as yummy as they smelled? I need to make some more of these as a matter of fact :)

  2. I made these..added some cinnamon to the batter... and they were fabulous and moist!! Thanks for the recipe!!!