I, like most expectant moms I think, read tons of articles and books and blogs and talked to a million real life mommas everywhere I went while I was pregnant, and I was given the same piece of advice by all of them--NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY. Well, I followed that advice and the few times I did have to wake my sleeping baby, I felt extremely guilty.

Here's the problem: my baby is now a toddler and she likes to sleep til noon. Lucky woman, you say? Well I'm also a huge mushball when it comes to her so she is still sleeping in our bed. 
WHAT?! IN YOUR BED?! Yes, after a few weeks of doing great in her own crib, she started waking up every 30 minutes, followed by me rocking and singing to her for 45, back in crib for 30, and repeat all night long. So, yes, I gave up. The truth is I like the snuggles anyway. I know what everyone is thinking--"She's going to be sleeping in your bed forever!" & "That's so dangerous!" & "I bet your husband HATES that!"  Well, I had every intention of putting her in her crib after the first few weeks and never in a million years thought I would be a cosleeper, but she came out and that was it. I was mush and I couldn't let her out of my sight.  I am planning on starting the crib again tonight, we both sleep better with our own space and yes, my husband is not a huge fan of this arrangement, but regardless, I doubt she'll still be in our bed when she's 15 (at least, I hope not cause that would be creepy.) I'll let ya know how it goes tonight.

Back to the problem. It's noon. I have had to pee for 3 hours, but if I get up before Kinley, she rolls right for the edge and/or starts going bananas thinking she's abandoned and I am downstairs doing awesome things without her, like unloading the dishwasher or putting stuff in the garbage can. So, for right now at least, I'll just lay here and wait for her to wake up because, after all, you NEVER wake a sleeping baby.

**Update 3.21.2017--Kinley never slept in her crib. She stayed in our bed until her third birthday, when we bought her a brand-new full size memory foam big girl bed (lots of extra room for snuggling and reading books with momma 😉) and she has been sleeping in there ever since. No problems. No getting out to get me every night or freaking out and trying to climb in our bed. Smooth big girl bed sailing.

That just goes to show all of that expert research and well-meaning mom advice, just do what feels right to you. It'll all be okay! Snuggle those babies, or put them in their cribs. Just do you sister 😊💜


  1. We totally didn't plan to cosleep either. We side carred Tristan's crib, and he hated it from the moment we brought his tiny butt home.
    My husband actually likes it so no problems there! I worked on sneaking out little by little and was eventually able to do for naps (though he still wakes up once during those).
    I also still nurse him to sleep so whatever works!

    1. Yeah, Kin started out in a pack n' play pulled up next to our bed and gradually ended up in ours. She naps in her crib really well, but if it's dark outside she refuses to stay in there. My husband just got her a tv for her room so she could watch it til she falls asleep, but I REALLY don't want to turn her into a TV addict. Hopefully we can both work it out before we have 12 year olds snuggled up between us and our husbands ;)

    2. Lol, right? I got Tristan to sleep in his crib last night until his first waking so that was a plus!

      Also the Kool aid dough was a hit! I only bought one thing of Koolaid so I has to third everything, but it turned out great!

    3. Yay for Tristan in his crib! And I'm so glad you guys had fun with the Kool-Aid dough...what flavor did you make? :)

  2. We made lemonade kind. It smells really good, but didn't really color the dough much.