Kinley and I were bored today so I decided to check the pantry for anything that was both only semi-messy and edible without having to be cooked and, voila! I spotted a super old box of Fruit Cheerios...perfect! 

I just dumped them in our giant sensory tub (one of those long, under-the-bed storage boxes) and threw in a bamboo spoon and her brand new Valentine's Day sensory scoops. (I found those in the Target dollar bins and with my Cartwheel app, they wound up costing a whopping $2.40!) 

Kinley loved this activity and it held her interest for a good half hour--not too shabby for a one year old.  Her favorite thing to do was take the Cheerios out by the handful and dump them on the floor, of course, but, when I showed her they were scoop-able she got the hang of that pretty quick. We had fun dumping them from up high and down low, slow and fast.  And, bonus, she enjoyed eating them by the handful.  She actually enjoyed that part so much that after I had cleaned up our mess and took her to play in her ball pit, she threw up a Cheerios rainbow all over both of us.  Oh well...just another day in the life of a domestic superhero...(sorry, I didn't think of taking a picture of the vom, I'm sure what you are picturing in your head is pretty accurate.)

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