Let me start this by saying, I worked in the infant room at a daycare for almost seven years before Baby Seahorse arrived, and I saw MANY a sore little booty. I have used just about every cream they make I think--Butt Paste (love this one for a very slightly sore booty), Triple Paste, Desitin, Balmex, plain Aquaphor, you name it. But there is one homemade remedy that cures even the WORST case of sore booty, and all you need is Aquaphor and Maalox (or the generic version of Maalox.) 

You'll need equal parts of both ingredients.

I just scraped the whole jar of Aquaphor into a giant Ziplock baggie and then filled up the Aquaphor container with Maalox and dumped that into the baggie, too. 

Just mush up the two together as much as you can--it will still be pretty separated. 

The easiest thing to do next is cut off a corner of the baggie and squeeze all of the mixture into a mixing bowl and stir it up with a whisk until it is white and creamy like any other diaper cream. It takes a little while so don't give up. (This is the method I used, but obviously you can just do it however you like. I've even heard that if you ask the pharmacists at CVS, they will mix it up for you.)

It makes a TON!! I made this giant container about 6 months ago and the recipe filled this container, a medium sized Aquaphor container, AND a square Tupperware container. So there's plenty to share if you have friends with babies, too. 

I had to use this a couple of times on Kinley when she was smaller and I found that it sticks best when her little booty is completely dry. I put my blow dryer on the cool setting and dry her off for a few seconds before applying. She gives me a really strange look every time, but it gets the job done! Also, if you put on a nice thick coat right before bed, generally, when your baby wakes up in the morning the rash will be gone. 

Good luck mommas...hope it works for you!


  1. We love plain ole Vitamin A&D ointment here! Works great for minor cuts too

  2. Top care is truly a great product! I always uses this antacid to my little angel.

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