I had been wanting to get Baby Seahorse a ball pit since before Christmas. I loved ball pits when I was little and I'm glad I didn't find out until I was too big for them that they are not supposed to be wet--GRODY. 
Luckily, I found a sanitary, private ball pit for Kinley on clearance at Meijer, and after we bought 100 extra balls to up the fun factor, she is obsessed with that thing! She does trust falls into it, gets inside and "goes crazy" which means throws the balls everywhere with a wackadoo face on, buries random other toys in the balls and finds them other words, it was a great $15 investment.
I was thinking today about other ways we could use all of those cool rainbow colored balls and it came to me! They float! SENSORY TIME!
This was seriously so simple and made Kinley so happy! All I did was stretch out our trusty vinyl tablecloth on the floor, strip Kin down to her onesie, and put some water in her sensory bin. She helped me pick some balls to throw in and she also dug her wooden spoon out of her play kitchen toys. 
She ran around to every side of her bin shrieking and splashing and stirring with her spoon. She even tried to climb in multiple times...I'd say it was a hit! 
This is one circumstance that it's perfectly okay and not grody at all for ball pit balls to be wet ;) Happy splashing, friends!

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