Kinley got a brand new smock at Ikea on Monday, so we just had to try it out today and we also just happened to have collected our fourth empty toilet paper roll, so what better to do than make a four leaf clover stamp? 
I pinned the idea for this project to my shamROCK board from PrudentBaby, who also has an awesome step-by-step tutorial. It's super easy and FREE. I am a Pinterest ADDICT and get so many ideas from all those fabulous pins. 

You only need four empty toilet paper rolls, some tape and your trusty hot glue gun. 
First you squish all of the rolls flat:
Then you bend one side in so it looks like a heart and put 2 bands of tape around the whole roll at both ends so it will hold it's shape:
When you've got all four done, 
Just use your hot glue gun and squirt on a line from end to end right next to the point of the heart on one roll and then another line next to it just to make your stamp extra sturdy, and stick it to the next roll heart points together. This is what it should look like when you're done:
Time to break out the paint and get to stampin'!

Turns out, Kinley HATES her new smock. I mean screaming, yanking, panicking kind of hate. Good thing it was cheap! But luckily, she likes her shamrock stamp. Once we got that irritating smock out of her way, she was all business. 
She loves to do everything herself, so of course that includes dipping her stamp in the green paint. 
Here's one of her masterpieces:
The plan was to dip her pointer finger in the paint and make the clover stem that way, but she didn't think that step was necessary. 
Here ya go! Let us know how your's turns out :)

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