I found the inspiration for a paper plate leprechaun on Pinterest, but I wanted to do it a totally different way, and here he is! This was a two day project for Kinley and I and we used several different art techniques for his different components. 

Here's what you need:
Orange cardstock/construction paper
Green cardstock/construction paper
Skin color cardstock/construction paper
Paper plate
Glue stick
Scotch Tape
Green, orange and red washable markers
(I also made a glittery hat buckle with Elmer's glue, gold glitter and a yellow scrap of construction paper.)

I had Kinley color the orange and green papers with her markers just to make the whole thing more fun and more her project. I made my own pattern for the hat and leprechaun face, and I attached a printable version for you, so you can just use mine if you want. So cut out all of those parts. 

Then you want to put a thick layer of glue stick on the part of the plate you want your leprechaun's beard to be. Tear your orange paper into small pieces (Kin's favorite part) and stick them all over the glue--no need to be perfect!
Here's what it looks like finished:
Now all you have left to do is draw a face on your leprechaun (Kinley did the mouth...awesome, right?!) and stick it all together. I used tape for attaching all the hat pieces. I like to let Kinley do as much as she can--there's no need to make anything perfect and it looks so much cuter when she does it her way, I think.
That's one proud baby! We hung Sean on our kitchen cabinet and she waves and smiles and points to him all day long.

I went to Lakeshore Learning Store when Kinley was just getting big enough to start art projects and stocked up on construction paper. They have the best quality paper, every color imaginable and, best of all, it's under $2 a pack! 

I would love to see how your lucky little guys turn out :) Hope you have as much fun making him as we did...too bad he doesn't come with a pot of actual gold, right?

Click here to download the Sean the Leprechaun pattern!

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  1. What a fun blog! I love the fact that not only can you create fun ideas for Kinley, but you actually let her do them! She will be quite the artist when she grows and be very comfortable with different materials.